The Cup Of Ukraine. Dnipro vs Shakhtar: match stats

The Cup Of Ukraine. Dnipro vs Shakhtar: match statsDnipro 0 miner 0 8,000 zritelya: Basil Melnikovo: Meteoradar: Nicholas Medina, Alexander poklonskaya, Alexander Gritsay, Dmitriy Mikhailenko, Vladimir Ezersky, Oleg Shelayev, Alexander Radchenko, Alexander Babi (Alexander Popovich, 81), Andrey Spivak, Ruslan Kostyshin, Oleg venglinsky miner: Dmytro Shutkov, Sergei Popov, Mikhail Starostyak, Isaac Okoronkwo, Daniel Florea, Predrag Pazin, Anatoliy Tymoshchuk, Gennadiy Zubov (Oleksiy Gai, 46), Mariusz Lewandowski (Dainius Gleveckas, 90), Andriy Vorobey, Oleksiy Belik (Milan Jovanovic, 81). . . . . Читать полностью -->

Teams Spanish provinces spend Christmas matches

Teams Spanish provinces spend Christmas matchesAndalucia - 3 (hesli 62, Raul Molina, 75, 81 Manu)Chile - 2 (Alvarez 69, Quinteros 82)First half: 0-0, 10000 zritelya: jesГєs lГіpez NetStation: La Realizaba Andalusia: Pinto, josemi, Hierro, Poly, Juanma, hГ©ctor Varela, Fernando, Diego Tristan, Reyes, josГ© Mari.Came on as subs: Luke, Manu, ARS, Antonito, Oscar, Raul Molina, Victor Salas, jesuli.Team Chile: Lobos, Ponce, Roxas, Alvarez, Olarra, Montesinos, Ciudad Acuna, Raul Munoz, Navia, Soto, Pizarro.Came on as subs: Peric, Armenia, Donoso, Centeronline - 1 (Moreno 11)Yugoslavia - 2 (Mijatovic 5, Luboya 62)First half: 1-1, 15000 zritelya: the ISA Gamestation: Metalasia Valencia: Palop,Garrido, Banha, Ballesteros, Llorens, Moreno, parry, Farinos, Rufete, Raul Bravo,Juan Sanchez.Came on as subs: Rangel, Juanra, Raul Ivars, Luis Gil, Curro Montoya.The National Team Of Yugoslavia: Evric - Ocokoljic, Djurovic, Djordjevic, Dudzich, BrnoviД‡, Trobok, Stankovic, Vukic, Luboya, MijatoviД‡.Came on as subs: Silic, Markoski, Bronowicz, paunovich, Boskovic, Stanis, ЕЎimiД‡, Filipovic.. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

The Elger may not play with Milan

The Elger may not play with MilanDefender of real Madrid's Ivan Helguera may miss the most important match of his team against Milan in the second group stage of the Champions League. 27-year-old Spaniard got injured ankle in Saturday's game in the championship with "alavesa" (5:1). According to preliminary data, on the restoration of Algeri will take about two weeks, and on March 12 he may not be able to return to duty. We will add that in a duel, in which "the real" must win, "Royal club" will have to do without Fernando Hierro.. . . Читать полностью -->

Mini football. The European Championship

Mini football. The European ChampionshipThe national team of Ukraine won his second victory at the European championship on mini-football, again by shipping in the opponent's seven goals. This time from the Ukrainians suffered the team of Portugal, broken with the score 7:4. All seven goals against the Portuguese scored only two players. Five times distinguished leader of Ukrainians Serhiy Koridze, two more goals on account of Alexander Kosenko. Vice-Champions of Europe the first of the eight teams participating in the current championship, has secured a place in the semifinals.Group Portugalia - Ukraine - 4:7 (2:4)Goals: Andre 3 - 1:0, Koridze 10 - 1:1, Kosenko 15 - 1:2, Koridze 15 - 1:3, Koridze 16 - 1:4, Gonzalo 17 - 2:4, Kosenko 21 - 2:5, Koridze 28 - 2:6, 31 Andre - 3:6, Koridze 37 - 3:7, 38 Andre - 4:7.. Читать полностью -->

Marat Izmailov: I decided: enough to hurt!

Marat Izmailov: I decided: enough to hurt!For a year the Russian football foodie could not help but yearn for Izmailov. Let the "locomotive" without him, won the championship of Russia, let Dmitry Loskov was the best player of the season, let looked impregnable defense led by Sergei Ovchinnikov - but I wanted to add to this cocktail a little imagination young lokomotivnogo inventor! But the injury followed injury, the player is more confined and doubted myself. The miracle last year it seemed more distant and irretrievable.The second half of the first leg with AC Milan now have hope: the permafrost Izmailov-2002 started to melt drops of his former football works. And during the super Cup of Russia, when a substitute of two friends-peers - and his Pimenova - turned the tide of the game, there are already more solid feeling: this Izmailov is returned.Strengthened it during the conversation with the player. All of last year not Mature judgement midfielder remained silent, now I, to his delight, again heard Izmailov sample season-2001 - the same sincerity, the same relentless dissatisfaction. It's great that in addition to this gratitude. Читать полностью -->

Gamboled the neighborhood: it would be Better scored from the penalty spot in Togliatti!

Gamboled the neighborhood: it would be Better scored from the penalty spot in Togliatti!The fate of the match in Ramensky was solved within two minutes. First, the goalkeeper blue black Valery Chizhov not allowed to vary the torpedo Bugaeva, and then the new "Saturn" Gamboled Bazaev kick from 30 metres was caught off guard by the goalkeeper of Muscovites Valery Vorobyov.- Most likely, it was the result of surprise, says the author of a goal in the neighborhood, Jr.- In my opinion, after the Cup defeat in Togliatti (in a match with "Lada" Bazaev missed the final penalty. - Approx. A. K.) this goal you really need?- Frankly, the penalty, does not want to remember. On Wednesday I had no right to miss, and the current goal is unlikely to do an impression of that setback. Читать полностью -->

The Romanians left the mill red and white

The Romanians left the mill red and whiteThe players of the national team of Romania goalkeeper Bogdan Vintila and defender Cristian Dancia leave the location of "Spartacus". In the coming days, the Spartacists expect two newcomers from Brazil Central defender and striker.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Loco simply did not have enough physics

Loco simply did not have enough physicsIn football, there is the notion of "post". It is used to signify the attacker, which is not aimed at lightning jerks on the verge of offside and the "one-touch" at the end of attacks. "Posts" usually "graze" in the penalty, and their main task is to win the fight riding after a pass from his goal and continue in this way the attack of the team. In a match with "Milan" "the locomotive" played like he's in attack playing football just this type, for example, Jan Koller or Pierre van Hooydonk. And in fact, the Duo of forwards at the railroad was almost the shortest player in the Champions League: Maxim Buznikin - Ruslan Pimenov. Does the coaching staff Champions Russia does not understand that the struggle in the air can not be our trump card in the attack? I think Semin is well aware of. Читать полностью -->

Ovchinnikov was ready for any material penalties

Ovchinnikov was ready for any material penaltiesA little more than half an hour - not long compared with the usual practice was discussed yesterday, the CDC members the question of the imposition of sanctions against the goalkeeper "the Locomotive" Sergey Ovchinnikov for unethical conduct after the match of the Russian championship with Zenit.The verdict after the meeting read by the Chairman of the Committee Viktor Maruschak: FTC's Bureau unanimously decided to disqualify Ovchinnikova for 5 games and to remove him from participation in the championship and Cup of Russia (for the matches of double teams and Cup Premier League, the disqualification does not apply. - Approx. A. B.).On the one hand, the punishment is severe. On the other - to the goalkeeper could apply stricter measures. "For offensive gestures or profanity in the partner, opponents, referees, inspectors, viewers of" the regulation provides for the suspension to 5 games. Читать полностью -->

Club rating for February

Club rating for FebruaryMoscow "locomotive" and CSKA is the 70th and 82nd place in the latest ranking of the International Federation of football history and statistics IFFHS/, having on his account accordingly and HR 132.5 116.5 points.As for the other Russian teams, only St. Petersburg "Zenith" has managed to enter the first hundred of the best football teams in the world, gaining 106,5 points and moving from the 101st on the 94th place. The other Russian team settled even lower in the table of ranks: near Moscow "Saturn-REN TV" 182 place with 78 points, Spartak Moscow - 204-om /73.5 points/ Samara "wings of the Soviets" - 238-th /66 points/.Heads the rating of IFFHS still English club "Manchester United", which in the asset 309 points. He is ahead of real Madrid are 16 points. Rounding out the top three another English club - Arsenal /284 points/.The top ten ranking IFFHS also included Barcelona /Spain, 277 points/, Milan /Italy, 276/, at RC Deportivo La coruГ±a /a coruГ±a, Spain, 239/, inter /Milan, Italy, 234/, Liverpool /England, 233/, Juventus /Torino, Italy, 216/, Valencia /Spain, 214/.Like last February, the first 10 positions of the rating is occupied by the clubs of the three countries - England, Spain and Italy.The best team February is recognized as Zamalek Egypt from Cairo.The complete rankings. . Читать полностью -->

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