Mini. The Nickel minimum chances

Mini. The Nickel minimum chancesChampion of Russia on mini-football (Futsal) Norilsk Nickel won their second match in the semi-final tournament of the UEFA Cup (predecessor of the Champions League), which takes place in the Belgian Charleroi. Norilsk with a minimum score beat Croatian "Split" - 4:3.In order to reach the final of the tournament, the Russian mini-football players now in the final match to beat the favorite of the tournament - Spanish "boomerang-Interview" and to expect that Croatia will win the host team. But the chances of that Ghost: Russians because in the first round lost to "Charleroi" (4:7), and the Spaniards defeated the "Split" - 13:1."Norilsk Nickel (Russia) - MNK Split (Croatia) - 4:3 (2:1)"Charleroi Action 21" (Belgium) -"the boomerang Interview" (Spain) - 5:8 (3:3)Position of commands: 1. "Boomerang" - 6 points (21:6). 2. Читать полностью -->

Armenia - Northern Ireland: match report

Armenia - Northern Ireland: match reportBefore the match of national teams of Armenia and North. Ireland in Yerevan rose football hype. The team received a new coach is Romanian Mihai Stoiciu, and besides, this match was the best opportunity for Armenians to win in the qualifying tournament.Weather made a nasty surprise to the players. The British clearly didn't expect to meet almost freezing temperatures in Armenia. Recently they often saw the footage from Iraq, and, in principle, expect to see something similar.The match has begun with attacks of the home team. The first dangerous moment was created in the second minute when a shot Karamyan few centimeters missed the post. Читать полностью -->

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