UEFA EURO 2004. The youth team

UEFA EURO 2004. The youth teamThe group Armenia - Northern Ireland - 2:0 (1:0)goals: Meloyan, 25 (1:0). Davtyan, 65 (2:0).Ukraine - Spain - 0:gruppa Hirose - Ireland - 1:1 (1:0)goals: Akhalaia, 19 (1:0). Hunt, 85 (1:1).The group CIPR - Israel - 2:0 (2:0)goals: Chrisafis, 5 (1:0). The loizos, 45 (2:0).Bosnia and Herzegovina - Luxembourg - 1:0 (0:0)Goal: Blatnjak, 68.The group Horvatia - Belgium - 1:1 (1:0)goals: drpic, 2 (1:0). Darden, 58 (1:1).The group Romania - Denmark - 0:1 (0:0)Goal: Bachmann, 73.The group Polish - Hungary 3:2 (2:1)goals: Slusarski, 17 (1:0). Читать полностью -->

The Premier League of England's most visited in Europe

The Premier League of England's most visited in EuropeAs stated by the official representatives of the Association of Football of England, the Premier League continues to be the most visited in Europe. The average number of spectators in the stadiums was in this season 35,151 people, which is two percent higher than last season, when the average amount was 34,324 person. Recall that the last time the average number of viewers of Premier League matches amounted to 35,000 people, was in the 1950-51 season, when Tottenham won the title of champion of England.According to statistics provided by the website european-football-statistics.co.uk, the average number of spectators in the stadiums in Germany this season amounted to $ 33,014, Spain - 28,963, and in Italy - 25,581. Executive Director of the Premier League Richard Scudamore stated that these figures are evidence that the level and quality of the championship of England increase from year to year."Here is our 11th season in a row, as the number of spectators in the stadiums is increasing, it means that we are doing everything correctly. The best players in the world want to play for our fans, because the atmosphere they create in the stadium, does not exist anywhere else," said Scudamore.. . Читать полностью -->

Cup RFPL really need judges

Cup RFPL really need judgesCup games in the Premier League, the first matches of 1/8 final of which will take place on Saturday will be served by the arbitrators so-called reserve judicial elite. According to the head of Board of football arbitrators Nicholas Levnikov this is because these referees have to compete with our leading judges."Competition will improve the quality of refereeing, " said Nikolai Levnikov in an interview with the weekly "Football review". - Fees showed that almost all arbitrators grow in their professional skills, and our next book may already this season to enter into judicial elite. We can say that we were lucky with the establishment of this tournament. Thank you to the person who submitted the idea. Because judging first games of the League Cup, which is not such an important competition as the national championship, will enable the referees to gain experience of service matches among the teams in the Premier League, get to know them, feel their spirit, to know many players of the country."". Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Italy. Milan - Chievo

The Championship Of Italy. Milan - ChievoMilan - Chievo 0:0 Milan: Dida, Kaladze (Laursen, 60), Maldini, Nesta, Simic, Gattuso, Pirlo, Rui Costa, Seedorf, Inzaghi, Shevchenko (Thomasson, 80)Chievo: Lupatelli, Lanna, Legrottaglie, Mensah, Moreau, attack through Maxi Lopez, Della morte (Franceschini, 56), Bierhoff (Pellise, 69), Cossato (Bjelanovic, 83), Perrotta, Lucianodigresia: Inzaghi, 70 - Luciano, Buda: De Santis March. Milan. "San Siro". 56 123 viewer. . Читать полностью -->

Shinnik will nurture talents in Yaroslavl

Shinnik will nurture talents in YaroslavlIn January 2003 it is planned to open soccer boarding school "Shinnik", reports the club's official website. The purpose of the new organization will be the identification and education of promising young players from all over Russia. Currently on view are the talented young man from Vladimir, Ryazan, Kostroma, Vologda, Cherepovets and other cities. In the end, only about 25 people will have to remain in the orphanage. Here the players will live and train (2 times a day) and study in one of Yaroslavich schools. The coaching staff of the boarding school amounted to well-known experts: senior trainer - S. Читать полностью -->

Ferguson wants to see in the quarter-final opponents Manchester United, real Madrid

Ferguson wants to see in the quarter-final opponents Manchester United, real MadridHead coach of "Manchester United" sir Alex Ferguson praised his young players after yesterday's match in La Coruna against Deportivo, despite the fact that, as you know, Manchester United in this match lost 0-2. This match meant nothing for both teams: the British even before the match secured a berth in the quarter-finals of the Champions League. As for the Galician team, then that, by contrast, had no chance to further fight in this tournament. Therefore it is understandable that Ferguson didn't put this game as the combat strength of his team, allowing them to Express themselves young players. In particular, his debut in the Champions League, said mark Lynch and Lee Roche."I was satisfied with the young players, despite the fact that they during the match was lost to more experienced opponents. We had some good moments, and I was very pleased by the enthusiasm of the players themselves. Читать полностью -->

Arno Pijpers caused six players in the national team of Estonia

Arno Pijpers caused six players in the national team of EstoniaThe main Estonia coach Arno Pijpers was forced to call in the national team with six new players who will replace his countrymen, retired because of injuries.Goalkeepers: March of Poom (Sunderland, England), Martin Kalma (flora), Sergei Pareiko (Rotor, Russia)Defenders: Teeth Alas, ENAR Jaager, Andrei Stepanov (flora), Antti ARST (Valga), Ragnar Klavan (Tulevik), Marek Lemsalu (Brunet, Norway), Rayo of Piiroja (Copenhagen, Denmark), Urmas of Rooba (Copenhagen)Midfielders: Kurt Haavisto, Marko Kristal, Ott Iinumae (flora), Aivar Anniste (Valga), Liivo Leetma (TMC), Sergey Terekhov (Haka, Finland)forwards: Andres Oper (Aalborg, Denmark), Anton Paltsev, Ingemar Teever (both TMC), Vyacheslav Zahovaiko (flora), Indrek Zielinski (Landskrona, Sweden), Kristen Viikmaa (Valerenga, Norway). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Rostselmash is no more

Rostselmash is no moreFootball club "Rostselmash" changed name to "Rostov". Under this name the band issued yesterday a request in the Premier League.. . . . . Читать полностью -->

Alexander Panov: Two clubs in the Premier League for St. Petersburg is quite real

Alexander Panov: Two clubs in the Premier League for St. Petersburg is quite realPanov did not lose heart: a conversation in the lobby, smiling at the Atlantis completed the sentence: "That is done - all for the better." It was said sincerely and seems to be the case. After leaving Dynamo Moscow, in Petersburg to the namesake of the capital club Panov started to score in every match.- You, probably driven by a desire to prove that Moscow was wrong, putting in Panov on the door?- Here's what I don't want is to prove something. And even more - to the Moscow "Dynamo".- Why?- I think I was in this club just didn't understand. Resentment at the manual I have, but because we have no desire to prove something.- And what did you feel when you learned: services Panova coaching staff of the Moscow "Dynamo" is no longer needed?- The shock was not. Was a shame that the club decided in December, and in the midst of preparation for the season. Читать полностью -->

Henry gets injured

Henry gets injuredThe joy of victory over Chelsea in the quarter-finals of the FA Cup was marred for Arsenal's injured Thierry Henry. Forward of the national team of France said that during the game some of the fans threw him in the head with a coin.It happened in the moment when Thierry ran up to the author of the third goal of his team, Laurent, to congratulate him. Coach "Arsenal" Arsene Wenger has urged English football to more closely relate to such incidents. So fans, in his opinion, should be prohibited to appear in the stadiums, because "one day they can throw something else".. . . Читать полностью -->

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