The European Commission will change the sale of rights to broadcast

The European Commission will change the sale of rights to broadcastThe Executive body of the European Union - the European Commission has charged the football Premier League England this ultimatum: add to next March, adjustments to rules on the sale of media (media) rights for broadcast. According to informed sources here, at this step, the European Commission has pushed an 18-month investigation into the circumstances of selling TV rights to the 20 clubs in the highest division of English for a leading company of satellite television PBS-bi, ITAR-TASS reported. According to representatives of the European Commission, the sale of rights as a single package, as it is now doing the teams in the Premier League, to the detriment of fair competition and inflate prices. Under the current three-year contract, the League sold the rights to the Bi-es-bi for 1.64 billion pounds ($2.56 billion us dollars). Most of these funds to 1.1 billion pounds - is formed as a result of live broadcasts. According to Brussels, the existing "monopoly" rules deprive the individual clubs the opportunity to sell the rights to broadcast their matches, the media, resulting in only a quarter of the matches of the English top division directly broadcast TV, ITAR - TASS reported. Читать полностью -->

Hive notes protective orders his team

Hive notes protective orders his teamFor the main Liverpool coach Gerard Houllier team win 1-0 against French club Auxerre" in 1/8 finals of the UEFA Cup became a distraction, after the team was knocked out of the FA Cup and whatever stands in the Premier League."We gradually restore all that is lost over the past few months. Confidence comes back to us, and it is very good. Next week is extremely important to us, as we are waiting for the League game against Birmingham city FC, second leg against Auxerre and the final match of the League Cup," said the coach of English club.But, despite the fact that Houllier saluted his team's victory, he noted that they were saved by a selfless game defenders."The guys played pretty bold, especially with a gleam of protection. I wish we played a little better, although we showed good football in many games this season, but without receiving any remuneration. I must also pay tribute to the "Auxerre", this is a very good team. We had ideas about how to play against this team, and they appear to have worked. Читать полностью -->

Vlastimil Petrzhela: Start in your field - a good omen

Vlastimil Petrzhela: Start in your field - a good omenAt the end of last year, when "Zenith" has led the first in the history of the Petersburg club of a foreign coach, Vitaly Mutko half jokingly, half seriously said: "To master the Russian language the Former plays a month." Cech is a bit not met the standard, however with the linguistic task. So far, however, we cannot say that he owns fluent Russian. But during the conversation with the correspondent "SE", held on the eve of the departure of Zenit in the final preseason in the Czech Republic, the interpreter was not needed.- Before the start of the Russian championship only a few days left. Would you like to bring the date of the first round, in which "Zenith" will, "Saturn", or think that the events of the rush is not worth it?- Everything must take its course. Initially time consuming, very stressful job in training camp, then the matches of the championship, where should manifest its fruits. Of course, pre-launch excitement in football St. Читать полностью -->

Spikelets: the RFU will control the acquisition teams

Spikelets: the RFU will control the acquisition teamsLast Wednesday half-day Vyacheslav Koloskov held in the wording of MK. In the first half, to put football language, answered the questions of journalists, the second - on the "hot line" - talking to the readers of the newspaper. It was then that Vyacheslav Ivanovich fell the main burden: the telephone did not stop ringing, and questions, that is, were not in the bull's-eye. Interview with President of the Russian football Union in today's "MK".. . . Читать полностью -->

Munich 1860 was replaced by coach

Munich 1860 was replaced by coachGerman Munich 1860, in the last four games not won a single victory, changed coaches. Instead Peter Pacult coaching staff headed by Falko Goetz. Pacult became the fifth coach in the Bundesliga, fired during this season.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Christian Tsige is recovering faster than expected

Christian Tsige is recovering faster than expectedGerman Tottenham defender Christian Tsige, which received a very serious hip injury in December, is recovering faster than expected and probably this season will play again for his club.The doctors had to make an incision in 25 cm on the thigh Tige when after the game, "Charlton" on December 26, it was swollen to an enormous size.Initially it was expected that German footballer will not take the field this season.Tottenham Manager Glenn Hoddle said in an interview with the evening standard: "Christian shows good result. He already played a bit in training, and after a couple of weeks to gain good form. When he received the injury, we all thought it was the end. But we must pay tribute to the player and to all who helped in the rapid recovery".. . . Читать полностью -->

Alain Perrin wants to leave Lebara in Marseille for another year

Alain Perrin wants to leave Lebara in Marseille for another yearThe head coach of Marseille Alain Perrin wants to leave the defender Frank Lebara in the team for another season."If he wants to continue playing, I'd be happy. I am interested to have such a leader on the team. Every day he proves he is still the best," said Perrin.35-year-old defender has previously said that at the end of the season, will finish his career, but will remain in the "Olympic" if the club get into the Champions League.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Lazio - Atalanta: before the match

Lazio - Atalanta: before the matchThe largest SCT in the match of the teams in Rome was recorded on December 23, 1995, then sky-blue were stronger 5-1 (winter, Signori, Boksic, Signori, winter) Atalanta (Cavalieri). The biggest win was scored as Lazio. This happened on 25 March 1951, the home team defeated the visitors from schtrom 5-0. Just between these two teams in Rome have been played 37 matches. 12 times defeated Lazio, 10 times stronger than there were guests. 15 matches ended in a draw. Читать полностью -->

Rostselmash will play against TSV 1860 Munchen

Rostselmash will play against TSV 1860 MunchenThe players of football club "Rostselmash" returned from vacation. Today the team met at the base in order to pass a medical examination and to conduct the first post-vacation workout.Before the new year the players will get in shape in Rostov, and January 5 will start with the first collection, which will be held in the Emirates and will last for three weeks. Presumably, the first sparring partner "Rostselmash" in the UAE will be the German Bundesliga club 1860 Munich".Decided on the place and timing of two further charges of "Rostselmash": from 3 to 17 February in Turkey will host the second gathering, and there will be a third collection, which will begin on the 24th and ends on March 10.. . . . Читать полностью -->

Milan took 2nd place for number of tifosi in Italy

Milan took 2nd place for number of tifosi in ItalyRecently published the results of a nationwide study to determine the actual number of fans at the giants of Serie A. carried out the work is a division of the Center for Social Research, Italy - SportFans (R), with the support of TNS Abacus. It is worth noting that the Corporation specializes exclusively in sports or sport-related research. She holds them, or to order any specific commercial organizations that are (or intend to be) a sponsors/parttree individual athletes or associations, or with a view to selling various interested legal entities. Often also representatives of the sports movement, "order" different kind of information. Primarily for more accurate determination of marketing policy.Nevertheless, it is worth noting that from time to time above the Clearinghouse conducts and open learning. Читать полностью -->

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