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Arsene Wenger: Arsenal worthy of winning the Champions League Cup

Arsene Wenger: Arsenal worthy of winning the Champions League CupAhead of the match between Roma and Arsenal in the Champions League coach of Londoners Arsene Wenger held a press conference where he told many interesting things about the upcoming game. "Honestly, I didn't expect that Roma will be able to get up off his knees and to join the fight for an exit in 1/4 finals of CL. This suggests that the team had underestimated what she is capable of great things and aspire to achieve something meaningful. I will not repeat the mistakes of the airport, and get ready for the match with "red-yellow" with the utmost seriousness."""My plans for the game? Current Arsenal is a team of three players, the degree of readiness which depends the successful performance of the team. Whom I mean? VIERA, Pires and Henry. Patrick symbolizes the strength of our team, Robert - the mind, and Thierry - pressure and speed. Читать полностью -->

Flo will stay in Sunderland

Flo will stay in SunderlandMidfielder Toure-Andre Flo said he wants to stay in the "Sunderland", even if this club will take off from the Premier League. Since August 2002 he became part of the "black cats", the Norwegian TA and was not able to convince the management that he is worthy of the first team. And this despite the fact that the amount of his transfer was 6.75 million pounds.The main reason why Norway wants to remain the unwillingness once again to move and transport the family. "I'm ready for the season to play in the first division and to try to return to Sunderland in the Premier League. In addition, he stated that the criticism doesn't faze him in the underdog of this season she was exposed to all players.. . Читать полностью -->

Victor Agali suspended for three matches

Victor Agali suspended for three matchesGerman football Association disqualified striker of Schalke 04 Victor Agali for 3 games for elbowing in the face of the midfielder of Borussia Dortmund Dede.On 22 February, the Nigerian was sent off in the 38th minute of a busy match, which ended in a 2-2 draw.The video replay showed that the grandfather, who escaped punishment, extended the arm in the face of Agali, before he received from the Nigerian elbow.. . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Rochemback may be at inter

Rochemback may be at interThe agent of midfielder Spanish "Barcelona" Fabio of Rosenbach said that next season the player can go to Italian "inter" Mario Rossi will go to Milan to find out what conditions might offer "black and blue" to the Brazilian. Besides Rosenbach, in a "suspended" state is still a number of players, "Barcelona", which while I can only guess what future awaits them in the Catalan capital. Among them Philip Kokyu, Frank de Boer and Patrick Kluivert.. . . . Читать полностью -->

The Scottish Championships: match statistics

The Scottish Championships: match statisticsPartick Thistl 1 - Alex Barnes 7 Rangers 2 - Michael Mols 70 ; Ronald de Boer 79 Removal: Gerry Britton 72 (Partick Thistl). . . . . . Читать полностью -->

Spain. Tour overview

Spain. Tour overviewThe second day next, 25th round of the championship of Spain, was marked by the fact that the field is again turned uncompromising struggle. In addition, after seven winless matches finally won the "Mallorca". The islanders were able to impose his will on Denilson and companies in response to two goals, was able to answer only one.Like izgolodavshihsya wins, the team with the Balearic Islands in the second minute forced the locals to make a mistake in the penalty and break the rules against Ibagaza. As for the penalty, it was a matter of technique. Pandiani from the point was accurate. Читать полностью -->

Will there be a broken record Simutenkov?

Will there be a broken record Simutenkov?In anticipation of the start of the championship of Russia we decided to remember what it was bright in the matches of the 1st round of the previous Championships.The the first and only in the opening rounds of big away win. Moscow Dynamo was stronger Stavropol their teammates, winning 3:0.1993 Second year in a row Nazim Suleymanov from Vladikavkaz "Spartak" unable to convert a penalty in the opening match of 1992 ? with CSKA, 1993 - "Esmerala").V capital Derby "locomotive" ? Dynamo was scored the fastest goal in the first rounds. On 17-th second gate railway workers struck Igor Simutenkov.1995"Spartak" plays house "Uralmash" thanks to a hat-trick Muhsin mukhamadieva with the score 5:1. This match is the most productive in the first rounds.19962 March - the earliest start to the Championships of Russia. Only three of the championship of the USSR ? 1985, 1986 and 1990 ? started a day early.Art has been successful for people - they managed to get 5 wins.At year was a turning point in the history of the Championships of Russia. Last time scoring average was more than 2 goals per game.Not began on 3 April. Читать полностью -->

Shevchenko ceased to score

Shevchenko ceased to scoreLa Gazzetta dello Sport quotes the figures that indicate the crisis in the Ukrainian AC Milan striker Andriy Shevchenko. Former striker Kiev "Dynamo" held in Italy for the fourth season, becoming most unfortunate for him. Not only that, Shevchenko was twice ruled out because of injuries, coach Carlo Ancelotti does not see him in the starting lineup, forward and sharply reduced effectiveness.Here the figures of the Italian edition as of the 25th tour: season 99/2000 - 19 goals in 23 games, 0,82; the 2000/01 season to 17 goals in 25 matches, 0,68; the 2001/02 season to 13 goals in 24 games, 0,54; the 2002/03 season - 4 goals in 16 matches, of 0.25.. . . . Читать полностью -->

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