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Tottenham - Lazio. Before the match

Tottenham - Lazio. Before the matchBesiktas, who lost their first match at the Stadio Olimpico" with the account 0:1, relies on the reliability of his defence in the return game with Lazio that will take place on Thursday. Besiktas ahead of Galatasaray in the national championship on three points thanks to a good defensive game - the black eagles have conceded just 14 goals in 23 games of the season. BeЕџiktaЕџ leader on this indicator the advantage of never having lost in the championship. This surprising result was achieved mainly at the expense of understanding the Brazilians Ronaldo Guru and Zago. Zago securely covers the players, sometimes personally pushing forwards of the opponent, while Guru plays in Central defence. Читать полностью -->

Saratov club has signed midfielder Vladislav Prudism and goalkeeper Alexander Pomazun

Saratov club has signed midfielder Vladislav Prudism and goalkeeper Alexander PomazunThe first is intended to replace the wing Belarusian Boltenkov who went to the Bulgarian CSKA. Pomazun is considered by management of the Millennium Falcon as a replacement for the Zakharchuk, which expired term of the lease. Practically settled the question of the return from Lipetsk striker Markevich. Negotiations for the purchase of "Rotor" defender albert Borzenkova, who two years ago played in Saratov. Also the "Falcon" has a new CEO ? Alexander Poimtsev. Spent negotiating with the two candidates for the role of title sponsor of the club. Читать полностью -->

Barcelona - Bayer Leverkusen: match report

Barcelona - Bayer Leverkusen: match reportBayer Leverkusen is on the verge of a very nasty record. No team in the Champions League didn't finish the second group stage, not gaining any points. Most likely, the record will be set, as in the last match "Bayer Leverkusen will take inter Milan, who points still vital. The match in Catalonia became clear illustration of the old sayings: "the lower classes and the upper classes do not want." Even if no particular desire "Barcelona" beat the German club. Not to say that Bayer gave the game. The beginning of the match demonstrated the seriousness of Bayer. Читать полностью -->

Samorukov and Filippenkov won the case against Chernomorets

Samorukov and Filippenkov won the case against ChernomoretsAt the meeting of the dispute resolution Chamber examined the claims of Andriy Samorukova and midfielder Sergei Filippenkova to Novorossiysk "Chernomorets" in unpaid wages, according to "Soviet sport".The chamber ruled in favor of the players. Now both of them can move to other clubs. The Filippenkov will go to Smolensk "the Crystal", and by Samorukov the interest of "Khimki". Friction between the Side Maxim and "Uralanom" settled without a verdict of Commerce: sistency and Grozny "Terek", where he will play in the coming season Sides agreed to transfer the money.. . . Читать полностью -->

Kalinichenko: don't compare me with Titov

Kalinichenko: don't compare me with TitovA couple of years ago that the midfielder in the youth team of Ukraine called talent, is able to replace in "Spartak" Egor Titov - the unconditional leader of the team. Today, grown-up (at the end of January he was twenty-four) Maxim Kalinichenko plays in place of the recuperating from his injury Titov. And trying very hard. He added significantly, became more confident and even started to argue with the referees. Interview with Kalinichenko, read today's "SE".. . Читать полностью -->

The Championship Of Spain. Match reports

The Championship Of Spain. Match reportsBarcelona - Betis Barcelona tried at home "Betis". After a successful game in the Champions League, everyone was waiting for the Catalan club next burst. All expected and were not disappointed in their expectations. It seemed that Barcelona held the third and fourth chukkers of the match with inter. The home team started the game very actively, the confirmation of which can serve as a goal scored by Saviola in the 2nd minute. Читать полностью -->

The number of doping tests in international tournaments will increase

The number of doping tests in international tournaments will increaseThe number of inspections of the players on doping in tournaments, the Champions League and UEFA Cup will be increased in 2004 by about 30 percent. The decision was announced Wednesday evening in Rome, which hosted the meeting of the Executive Committee of the Union of European football associations.In recent times, explained Executive Director of the UEFA Gerhard Aigner, there were no cases of application of the players banned stimulant drugs. Nevertheless, he intends to increase the scope of control, especially in the early stages of these tournaments, to include more teams. "As a rule, the players club, which held its first tours, are subjected to repeated inspections - continued Aigner. - However, those teams who are eliminated at an early stage, not undergoing such procedures.. . Читать полностью -->

Spartacus-2003 in pursuit of CSKA-2002

Spartacus-2003 in pursuit of CSKA-2002CSKA and "Spartaka" in the championship of equal ambition and approximately equal budgets. But hardly worth it from the first round of match play the game red-blue and red-and-white. Vice-champion, adding to the already tightly Packed clip Kasowym and the "Golden bullet" Jarosik, appeared fully armed. Bronze medallist still targeting and targeting your new Arsenal.Team Gazzaev won his first match in great style. Unsophisticated performance at the level of the Premier League, Rubin got chickens in Osip. CSKA seems to be gaining gloss. Читать полностью -->

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