Field in Dortmund has not suffered from the rain

Field in Dortmund has not suffered from the rainThe representative of the German football club "Borussia" (Dortmund) Joseph Auger denied reports by some media about the cancellation of the match with the Moscow "Locomotive" in the Champions League allegedly due to the fact that the football field in Dortmund soaked after a heavy rain.Mr. Auger in conversation with the correspondent of RIA "news" has also denied the allegation that on Wednesday, March 12, allegedly held a special meeting of the panel of referees of the match, which though and took this decision. According to the representative of the "Borussia", yesterday in Dortmund really was heavy rain, however, he "in no way ruined the state grass of a football field, which is furnished with excellent drainage system." "In our city the rains are not uncommon, and there have been stronger, but the football field was always in excellent condition," - said the representative of the club, which is the title of the current champion of Germany. On Wednesday the referees of the match, "as it should be according to the rules, made a tour of the football field, recognizing his condition is good, said Auger..

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