Haim Revivo: between Hamburg and Galatasaray

Haim Revivo: between Hamburg and GalatasarayThe President of Galatasaray ready to sign Israeli midfielder a contract for two seasons. Recall that last week Revivo agreed on all conditions of the contract for Hamburg. For a complete happiness only lacked one thing - his release from Fenerbahce. The fact that the President "Fener" Aziz Yildirim resulted in the issuance of this document, and the payment of Revivo debt of 500 thousand dollars that Haim will never play in Galatasaray and Besiktas. This additional requirement of the owner Fenerbahce angered the player. In the end, he's a free man and no one has the right to dictate to him where to work and where not. Well, debts must be paid in any case. Representatives of the "Hamburg" not having much direct contact with "Fenerbahce" sent a letter to FIFA demanding to affect the willful Yildirim. And Revivo, meanwhile, passed a medical examination in Hamburg, was forced to return to Istanbul for the ill-fated certificate. As you know, the President of Fenerbahce has already given his consent to the transfer of Israeli midfielder to another club, officially announced at a press conference the representatives of the club. But now, something has slowed down. And as it turned out yesterday, that he had reason. The President of Galatasaray Ersan Segedin first declared yesterday the representatives of the Turkish press: "We don't want to spoil our relationship with Fenerbahce, but if Revivo will finish their business at this club and will receive an official release, then we would seriously consider signing with a two-year contract". According to the Turkish newspaper "Milliyet", the coach of Galatasaray, Fatih Terim insists on buying Haim Revivo. He believes the Israeli midfielder is the only candidate for the Hassan Shash, which will leave Galatasaray after the end of the season. Well, the owner Fenerbahce would not want to give back to the player who at the same time will defend the colors of its main competitor - In any case, all the ruckus around Haim Revivo should be completed by 4 January. If Haim will not get an official release from Fenerbahce, it will not be able to say no other club..

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