Oleg Romantsev: We never rushed into Champions of the offseason

Oleg Romantsev: We never rushed into Champions of the offseasonSpartak returned to Moscow from Turkey on 6 March, and the next day we met Oleg Romantseva. Met after 15 days after our last conversation, which took place in Belek the hotel Gloria Verde" during the Turkish collection of Spartacists. Okay, two weeks of life team is a short term. But if it falls nearly on a key period of preparation for the championship, then, naturally, fans are wondering how it held "Spartak" from the point of view of the head coach. The more that came to use the information, if the team had unexpected difficulty because of bad weather on the Mediterranean coast.- Everything was fine. At least you can't say that the weather prevented us to carry out their plans, is disproved my fears Oleg Ivanovich. - However, on the last day due to heavy rain the field has really become unfit to practice, and we decided a day before to return to Moscow. Moreover, in Tarasovka on the field heated everything was ready to Spartak had the opportunity to continue as serious and intense preparation for the season, which was conducted in Belek.- As for pup, I within two weeks witnessed how professionally they treated the case of the Spartacists. And especially their leaders - Yegor Titov, Dmitri Parfenov... and Vladislav Vashchuk, who, like the first two, got in last season's serious injury. But, fortunately, the surgery, all three of them were successful. Although Parfyonov will be back in action later than Titov and Vashchuk.- By the way, I saw Titov and Vashchuk on trainings in the General group, although some of the exercises did not participate. What happened next?- Later they both worked with the without restrictions.- And what is your impression?- It was impossible not to notice that training with the team was preceded by a long and persistent individual work on the treadmill, at the gym, in the pool. And it allowed Titov and Vaschuk join partners well prepared in body.- In previous interviews you called Titova "a great player". However, you a bright career was predicted for him back in the mid 90's when he was a green boy. "Please note: whatever you do Titov - took the ball, Dodge, pass, hit the gate," his head is invariably raised. This is a very rare and valuable quality," you argued then your optimistic Outlook on the future of graduate of the Spartacist school. Vashchuk also fell into your team, on the contrary, Mature, experienced master, who passed unlike Titova formation in Dynamo whose style, as you know, is very different from Spartak. And yet today you referred to the leaders of his team. What informed your opinion?- Vashchuk is a versatile football player. And therefore, repeatedly talking with him, I focused on the fact that he will not only play where he feels most comfortable, but where in the first place will be needed by the command. After our first conversation I realized that Vashchuk by nature a leader, and later he became convinced. He does not give relief to himself, and equally demanding of partners. Would be glad if such players in our team as much as possible.- Head coach of Ukraine Leonid Buryak at a press conference ahead of the match with Turkey said that keeps Vashchuk in sight and waiting for the moment when he will play still in force.- I too look forward and believe that it will happen soon. For the simple reason that we are talking about class player.- During the last stage of preparation for the coach is usually obvious who he will be primarily be based in the spring League and Cup. In other words, for it emerges.- It is certainly true. And even if we did not reduce serious loads in training, during games, both bilateral and friendly - strummed chords and sought to determine the basic composition. However, to announce it prematurely, because much will depend on how quickly take their place the same Titov and Vashchuk.- You said about high training loads, which, in my opinion, could not fail to affect the quality of team play in the friendlies. And yet failures in meetings with Kishinev "Zimbru" and "Rostov" alerted Spartak fans. And how do you feel about these results?- Treat them with the positions of trainer, which received a lot of new, including young players, and during a two-volume practice we tried among other things to establish between them mutual understanding. About any freshness in a similar situation to speak of. And in General, to be Frank, the results of control meeting me throughout coaching cared only occasionally. You see, every coach is working on its own program. Someone the outcome of such matches puts at the forefront, someone, on the contrary, plays, as they say, against the fatigue. If in official matches, the opponents usually pursue one goal - to win, the targets are quite different.- By the way, we all remember the commands in Soviet times, in the preparatory period managed to win more victories than later during the championship... Yes, at that time even such sign existed: champion of the offseason - the first candidate for relegation. And, most surprising, and often has happened. Imagine for a moment that the championship starts today. The team is ready to start?- In functional terms is indisputably, as, again, has done a great job. If to speak about the degree of teamwork, there is a way to perfection does not happen.- In the Turkish collection on view in "Spartacus" came several Legionnaires. However, not all of them stayed in the team. Goes, left vacant the place?" Left. Soon waiting for two more Legionnaires. Most likely, it will be the Brazilians.- What can you say about the Moroccan goalkeeper Adelice Bugs?- First, he is highly skilled goalkeeper. Secondly, apparently, a serious man is otherwise in such a short time wouldn't have had time to learn to tell the defenders of the Russian. I think we are not wrong in choosing this goalkeeper.- However, the trouble, in my opinion, that Morocco is in Africa, and if you remember that Bugs is the goalkeeper of the national team, "Spartak" will probably have problems associated with his departure the games team. Right?- You are absolutely right - in the sense that we, the Europeans, the international calendar differs from the African. And because in a given period of the championship of Russia we a game or two may lose the Moroccan goalkeeper. But do not forget that we have Alexey Zuev and Anton Alekseev, who for a period of time can safely, I think, to replace the bugs in the gate.- If the upcoming season will be surely difficult for Titov, Vaschuk and Parfenova, the previous for the same reason it has been difficult for the talented player of "Spartacus" and the Ukrainian national team Maxim Kalinichenko. How do you assess its current state?- As extremely good.

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