Beaten by another player of the Italian team

Beaten by another player of the Italian teamYet another hooligan attack was carried out by the Italian football fans. A group of young people on Saturday attacked the player Catania Luis Oliveira after the game within the series V. the Fans, "Ternary", the gate of which the Belgian tonight two goals (Siciliy has won with the account 3:1), burst into the locker room and caused the player several times. By the way, at the stadium of Catania there is a tradition to let in the locker room of his team's fans after winning matches. This fact and took advantage of the visiting hooligans.The case of Oliveira occurred after only two weeks after the Napoli's Baldini was beaten by fans in the Parking lot near Studena "San Paolo" in Naples. After the incident, the players of the Italian team decided to protest to delay the start of the next match games for 15 minutes, but, as you can see, this step on the behavior of the bullies had no effect..

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