Hope is proud Kirichenko

Hope is proud KirichenkoThe best sniper of the championship-2002 two - CSKA Dmitry Kirichenko and Rolan Gusev. However, if you highlight one, the leading scorer of the season can be considered Kirichenko. Dmitry played on 1392 minutes less your partner for CSKA. In other words, was short compared to the Roland fifteen and a half matches. Dmitry, offseason, conducted in the title of one of the best Goalscorers in the championship, something different from the previous ones? There were no differences. Worked as usual, his attitude has not changed. The team has done a great job in preparation for the season. A lot of physical exertion and speed exercises, crosses. The only difference is that this is the second offseason CSKA virtually unchanged in composition. Players are already familiar with each other.- The partners didn't pin on a topic that you are the best scorer?- No. Neither I nor the guys ? not appropriate for it to do it in this case. We could take first place, came very close to him, but failed. Because of this personal performance on the backburner. The players of CSKA felt anger at the results of last year. This could help in solving for the season tasks.- Ready that you will now be the focus of heightened attention from the defenders?- I'm not the first year in football, not emerged out of nowhere to score 15 goals. In the "Rostselmash" for two or three seasons had good goal-scoring performance. Don't think players defense opponents have discovered something new. I increased attention to the person you feel for a long time.- To win the title is often easier than to defend it-- I Totally agree. Any striker wants to be the top scorer as well as players of other roles strive for superiority in their nominations. Football - a game of selfish people. I am no exception, so I will try to repeat his success.- Probably just talked and goalscorer-2001 Dmitry Vasilikon. But in the next season he scored just one goal-- Well, one I already have (Kirichenko scored in the first round match against Rubin. - Approx. ed.). I hope not the last. As for Washmachine, you have to climb into his skin to understand what happened. He made a controversial move by going from "torpedo" Uralan " maybe this affected his performance, because his previous team decided a more serious problem.- Who is now your main rival sniper in the race?- Now it's too early to say. Will be at least five or six rounds, then that will be defined. I think the fight for the prestigious title will lead to about five people. Who exactly? The same players that flashed in the list of scorers last year, - Kerzhakov, Loskov, Poshkus, Semshov - They are fairly stable score.- What prevents to become a regular player in the starting lineup?- (After a long pause.) I have simply no answer to this question. Well at least that manages to hit the target, going to change.- Already accustomed to the role of a kind of Joker?" The role of the reserve in any case can not be used. I still Sergey Andreev in Rostov for life has dinned. Get used to it and not to accept too. I will prove that you are ready to start a game from the first minute.Mikhail Soldatov.

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