Sergei Ovchinnikov: Our football is more alive than dead

Sergei Ovchinnikov: Our football is more alive than deadGoalkeeper Champions Russia looked after the match no less tired than field players of "Locomotive". The work of Sergei Ovchinnikov on "San Siro" is really enough. And yet he found the strength, including moral to after the game to give this interview.? Sergey, on the podium during the match have the impression that you not only perform the duties of the goalkeeper, but also tries to psychologically support teammates. You are really better than they are accustomed to the San Siro?? Can't say. I think our whole team played very disciplined, trying to follow the chosen tactics. Another thing that's the tone we probably still not enough. But at least our defense was great. The opponent for a long time nothing dangerous could not create near our goal.? You mentioned about the tactics of the team, and then praised defenders. But any tactical scheme includes not only defensive actions.? Of course. And we were not going in Milan exclusively to defend. Just the lack of good match practice in the offseason prevented us to implement their plans. In particular, in my opinion, the team is worse than usual moving from defense to attack. But here the situation is certainly fixable.? When Tomasson scored a goal in almost unprotected gates, spectators uttered a shout of delight before the kick. Do you think that in that episode something could save "the locomotive"?? It is difficult to say. In my opinion, we had to rely only on a miss Tomasson the empty goal (he Ovchinnikov in that episode has not yet managed to get to his feet, parrying a powerful shot Inzaghi. - Approx. ed.)? Inzaghi, having failed to beat you in scoring episode before the final whistle, I was in shock. You said something to him at that moment?? I advised him not too upset. In football, after all, there are a variety of situations.? Do you think the defeat in Milan dashed all chances of "Locomotive" in the playoffs?? Small chances still remain, and we must continue to fight on the limit. Because theoretically we can type in the group has nine points. Although of course there is a possibility that Lokomotiv will only play again in a draw or lose all three remaining games. But it is very important that in this case, after each meeting the fans were not disappointed with our game. After all, in Milan and we were able to do not all, but one cannot say that the team should be ashamed of the football, which she demonstrated. Each player fought to the end. And we must continue in every match to prove that our football is more alive than dead.Michael Shpenkov.

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