Alexander Tochilin: sausages From the shop to the team

Alexander Tochilin: sausages From the shop to the teamUnlike debutants Konstantin Konoplyov and Vasily Berezutsky captain of "Dynamo" Alexander Tochilin has already got on the list for the match against the Swiss in 2000. And even spent 45 minutes in a friendly match against Anzhi. The national team defeated the then - 7:1.- That meeting in my personal statistics is not taken into account, " says red-haired midfielder. - Anji we played the usual practice match - instead of being carried.- The composition has since greatly changed?- Many, of course, new faces, but the core of the team, I think, remains the same. Even considering the fact that Karpin has declared the end of his career in the national team remain Onopko, Beschastnyh, Gusev, Solomatin, Smertin, Khokhlov, Semak.- Was very surprised when I learned about the invitation?- Yes, when the team announced at a press conference in Dynamo office a call hasn't come yet. I, frankly, my head at that moment was occupied with quite other thoughts. The day before we beat in the first round "Spartak-Alania", and I have not departed from those associated with the match experiences... And then like a bolt from the blue message on the national team.- Within a month you will celebrate 29 years old, no longer a boy. Continued to hope for an invitation to the national team?- What kind of football player who doesn't wants to get into the national team? Why else would play?! With Gazzayev the circle of applicants for a place in the team has improved markedly. So what if the only Dynamo player in the famous list of 59 candidates was Datel? The situation changes with each round, so everything was in my hands. Especially in February in Cyprus, where "the Dynamo" and CSKA were prepared in the same city and have played a test match, I had a conversation with or. Valery Georgievich has told that considers Tochilin contender for a place in the national team.- He was the first representatives of the national team call you?- No, first I was contacted by the administrator: "on Monday, March 24 at 9 am waiting for you to things near the metro station "Frunzenskaya".- Objectively assessing the situation, the chance to take the field in Albania there is not much. How do you treat that? Or not share this point of view?" I think time made the list, so count on me. If you prove yourself able to benefit the team, Gazzaev will not keep on the bench.- Followed by a challenge match with "Wings" has acquired a special significance?- My game now will necessarily be measured in terms of the invitation to the national team, so I have no right to fall below certain specified early in the season. On the contrary, obliged to constantly raise the bar. To be able to say that he was in the team not for your beautiful eyes.- In 2000, after the match with Switzerland, in which you remained in reserve, admitted that, if played poorly, this would be a major psychological blow. And now something might unsettle?- To failure now I'm more calm. Age, it seems to be affected. Know that if you keep working, things will fall into place. Someone misfire can produce a feeling of depression, and the other, on the contrary, will spur.I moved from the first category to the second.- The captain's armband that you wear in the "Dynamo" for about a year, changed you as a person, as a football player?- It imposes liability. Whatever the fate of this club, "Dynamo" is great. To me the captain was Kobelev - leader in life and in the game. Naturally, everyone began to compare with Andrey Tochilin. I had to revise some of their views on life, not to lose in this comparison. Now I must not only install, but also to have partners, to take the initiative in difficult moments. Can shout, but not so much on the rights of the captain, how much of a veteran...- ...Team, you have had countless opportunities to leave, isn't it?- It was the case. For example, in "Zenith" could go in 1999, there was a preliminary agreement. But I'm glad this didn't happen. Yes, in the Russian football we are currently not occupied a better position, but I believe that progress will be. I would like to win something in Dynamo. Because of this club I've been sick since childhood.- But eleven years ago, as far as I know, you could not dream is not something that about the team, even on the first division?- Finished the regular district football school "Timirjazeva", in any youth teams was not included, was a regular guy, what in Moscow, hundreds. Naturally, the queue prompted me not lined, the Institute has not arrived, so I had to go to work. Went to the meat assistant locksmith in total sausage shop. Nothing, of course, could not, under his feet only to hinder. Fortunately, children's coach Boris khabibovich Vakhitov was then headed by "fresh" - double "of Amarela" - and called all of their students. Then Beeskow from this group took me in the first team: took a chance and I caught him. And since 1995 - in Dynamo.- Because of injuries, the major players you are immediately able to play in the final of the Russian Cup, the winning of which is now the last major trophy of the club. Eight years have passed and your account has just 5 goals and 8 assists in the championship of Russia. Not enough for a former forward?- Football school when I did play as a striker, but even then did not Shine performance. Ronaldo, I failed, nezavisni me. But a lot of gear handed out. But since moving to asmaral about the role of striker had to forget. It seems like forever.- The beginning of the season for you personally was a success, especially the game in Vladikavkaz. Many fans agree that this was your best match in the blue and white. Agree?- Nice to hear such an assessment, but I do not agree with it. Yes, was able to assist, however if Bulykin some other striker, it is unlikely he would have been able to close my canopy. Overall the game against "Spartak-Alania" in the first half was not glued, nervous beginners, can sometimes get the ball. All knew that from the first game of the season depends very much. I had to take the initiative in their hands. Importantly, the victory is won.

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