Deportivo - Manchester United. Fly on a positive note

Deportivo - Manchester United. Fly on a positive noteDeportivo La Coruna have completed their performances in the UEFA Champions League on a positive note. At "Riazor" the Spaniards have defeated the leaders of group D Manchester United" - 2:0. Victor Sanchez opened the scoring in the first half and in the second half after his shot Marc Lynch played poorly his head and deflected the ball into his own net. The devils clinched their place in the playoffs with the first place, the Spaniards, on the contrary, one round before the end of the second group round and his chances to continue the struggle. Thus, the game none of the opponents had no tournament value and could only satisfy their ego. No "deportation" or "DOJ" has not exhibited the strongest compositions, but the home team still looked better. In the composition of the Galicians for the first time after a long absence caused by a calf injury, came Juan valerГіn, who started the game in the starting lineup. His balanced transmission found Alberto Luque, who was kept in suspense Laurent Blanc. In the team of Manchester United appeared first on four young players, and "Depor" took advantage of the inexperience of the guests. Immediately after the starting whistle, the Spaniards seized the initiative and not long parted with the ball, and they did it without apparent effort. On 19 minutes, they almost opened the scoring but the ball is Roberto AcuГ±a from 20 yards was a bit inaccurate. However, guests also tried to attack. Ryan Giggs has been his signature breakthrough in the penalty area, and hit the Welshman seemed to be touched by the hand of Jorge Andrade. But the referee remained indifferent to the appeals of the guests on the appointment of a penalty. On the 32nd minute, the hosts responded with a goal. Luka was ahead unwary Blanc and facial shot along the goal line. Victor at the far post headed in a transfer of a partner and opened an account. During the break, sir Alex Ferguson made some adjustments, and came on the field Michael Stewart, who replaced Lee Roche. However, the replacement did not bring the desired result - just two minutes after the resumption of the meeting "Depor" doubled the score. The vacated right Victor did twisted in the transfer center, but the way the ball was Lynch, the head cut the ball into his own net. In the 62nd minute, the British were able to narrow the gap. Giggs went right from Dani Mallo and played in the incident Darren Fletcher, but the last kick was cleared from the goal line. In response counterattack a great chance not availed themselves of Luka. Seven minutes later Giggs effectively entered the penalty area, but his shot with his left foot only shook the goalpost. And indeed the middle of the second half, Manchester United spent much more active owners, but Ferguson chose to replace Giggs and Diego Forlan, firing on the field Daniel Webber and Kieran Richardson. Wide game Deportivo were giving much trouble to the British, who in the defense quite confidently acted John O'shea. In the 79th minute, he did not allow fine dejstwowalo throughout the match Luka to hit the target from a very advantageous position. Despite all the tricks of Ferguson, issued to field reserve team, in the end of the match "Manchester" is still suffered heavy losses. In just 8 minutes before the final whistle Philip Neville fouled Luka, for which he received a yellow card. Now the protector of England will be forced to miss the first quarterfinal match of his team..

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