Saviola believes that Barca will come out of the crisis

Saviola believes that Barca will come out of the crisisJavier Saviola shared the blame in the current situation, "Barca" and avoided questions about a possible replacement van gaale Carlos Bianchi. The Argentine stands for the unity in the dressing room that it helped to stop the crisis in which the team: "it's Best to think about the "bars", not van Gaal. We are all part of Barca. If van gaale something not good, itГ­s not good for us all. We are a team and we don't leave anyone alone," said Saviola .Javier realizes that the team is in thirteenth place in the League table by the fault of each member of the team: "the Responsibility lies on the players and the coaching staff, and all the equivalent fault. The coach is not out on the field, but he's preparing his team for the match and do replacements. Everyone understands that when things start to deteriorate, we always start to look for someone to blame". Or two to blame. The resignation of Gaspar and van gaale require fans "leopards" to their team out of crisis. The first has already stated that he won't go. The second too, but to kick him out first and put in his place Bianchi, coach which Saviola says: "He is a very successful coach in Argentina. He won many titles. Riquelme may say about him more, because he knows better". Rabbit said that the players unanimously think that "it is necessary to change our situation, and for this we need to start winning matches and play the best football", and that the most important thing to come out of the crisis and not think about the fact will remain the coach or not." About Saturday's match against Mallorca, and the fact that a bad result in him finally put an end to van gaale how to coach Barca, Saviola said: "the Players along with the coach and will until the end." According to the Argentine, to solve the problem: "we Must begin to believe in each of us, and to find the strength, from anywhere, to begin to gain three points". About whether Barca psychologist or not Saviola said: "I already had one in Argentina, and he helped me a lot, although maybe others have a different opinion". And finally about the last game he starts on the bench, Saviola said he had that last season, when coach Rexach was, and what he will do everything to regain a first team place. "I always try to win your place and do everything not to disappoint the coach, when I get the chance", said Saviola..

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