Vashchuk and Titov want to take this Cup

Vashchuk and Titov want to take this CupIn Saratov in the "Spartacus" took to the field two players who miss out through injury half of last season. For the captain of the red-white Yegor Titov and his friend Vladislav Asuka, it was the second match after recovery. But for the Kiev game in Saratov was the first in the Russian Cup. Played the stars of "Spartacus" in different ways. Titov gave the scoring pass, almost scored and overall looked great. Wasuk, by contrast, made a mistake that allowed the Falcon to score from open play. Naturally, after the game the mood was different. Vladislav Vashchuk looked sad.- That people feel, who have not played football, and was treated only?- Discomfort. Some lost gaming skill, but the main problem - not ready yet physically. Missed a lot, including at the training camp.- When, in your view, you will feel in good shape?- I hope to gain form by April 1. Earlier does not work, but April fool's Day here at anything (smiling).- Today you made a mistake that led to a goal in gate "Spartaka" and because of this terribly upset. Am I right?- It's not even that we scored. It's a shame that allow kids and stupid mistakes. This is a consequence of lack of preparation for the season that afflicts more than just.- Can you say that you feel a lack of match practice?- Yes. If the trainers would suggest you get her to take, no offense. - No. Ready to play for the reserves, but only on the condition that the match will take place on grass.- How many times have you won the Cup?- Three times, I think. However, it is fundamentally. This is history, albeit a pleasant one.- And how important is to win the Cup in Russia?- Need to win something in Russian football. This is the purpose for which I came to Moscow and became the Spartacist.Egor Titov - man, whose popularity in Russia knows no club affiliation. From the stands Saratov stadium to him before the game, shouted: "Egor, well done!" - simultaneously asking: will the captain of Spartak players on the field. After learning that comes out, happy as children. Although they should be upset - for "Falcon" the Manager appears, red and white in the composition of anything good does not promise. And so it happened. Titov came on as a substitute, Spartak rapidly added, and the Saratov for the second year in a row was left without a Cup semi-final. But after the match Saratov fans, who conducted their favorites applause, found the strength to reward Titov and his partners ovation. People realized that this "Spartak" not ashamed to lose.And in half an hour after the match at the service entrance lined up for autographs. Egor Titov respected by all, including the press.- At the training camp in Turkey you claimed that you are physically prepared perfectly, but the feel of the ball and the partners lost. In today's match won't. Agree?- Pleased with how I played. Thought it would be harder to get in season.- What rating per match will put myself? "Good" just won. And given the fact that he played on one leg, point you can lift.- What happened with the second leg?- Barely started the second half as we faced the Duyun. The blow was unintentional, but hit a sore spot. Oleg Ivanovich has even offered a replacement. Frankly, the desire to leave the field was: one foot I didn't feel. But then felt ashamed: he just came out and immediately went to rest. Played the character, was able to tolerate the pain and gradually found his game - To-game "Falcon" seemed a serious obstacle on the way to the finals? Yes. The names of the team looks serious power. Thought it will be much harder to pass it. Although, perhaps we should talk not so much about "the Falcon", how about "Spartak".- Many believe that your team played their best game in recent times.- They are right. This is the most successful game of our team over the last six months. At the training camp we didn't show it. Exactly. Against the Falcon was able to do a lot, but the main thing is that we managed to return to the game style that has always been inherent to our team.- Ahead of the semi-finals. Can now be called "Spartacus" favorite drawing?- Yes. We have to win the Cup. I think the main step to victory in the tournament we have done. All the favorites were out and we ought to use this chance.- You know that the Cup winner will start in the UEFA Cup in the main grid, not the preliminary round, the bronze prize-winner of superiority?- For our team it's an extra incentive to win the trophy.- What is the favorite second semi-final?- "Anji".Andrey AFINOGENOV.

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