Spartacus. When you have to win on the character

Spartacus. When you have to win on the characterDespite all the problems, fans of "Spartacus" believe in the return of the championship crown. Differently and can not be. Team fans accustomed to constant victories. But in this season of gold "Spartak" to achieve it will be extremely difficult.Problems ? there is. In fact, the team is missing the middle ground. In the age plan. There are a few veterans and a large group of young players. The latter still needs to gain experience. Even the head coach Oleg Romantsev has no confidence that they are ready to storm the championship heights.The team will surely miss the injured leaders. On games of the offseason is clearly visible that the team is lacking of a Creator on the field, which at the time was Titov. Now its trying to take a niche Kalinichenko, but single-handedly pull Spartak strap him uneasy. In the middle line there is a decent bunch in the face of Demenko and Smirnov, but teamwork while fully missing.Difficulties with equipment also touched team party. Replaced this offseason Levitsky and Beschastnyh the club until I found. Although desperately looking for.Unfortunately, the results were not long in coming. While the basic structure of "Spartacus" in the offseason more loses than wins. And not to say that these lesions is undeserved. They just caused by objective reasons mentioned above.Time to fix the flaws in Romantseva to spare. Most likely, as suggested by the coach, the team will play already during the championship. And it is very much depends on tactics and technology, and from nature. Head coach of "Spartak" it is. Whether players ? will see during the season. Anyway, if in the first round "Spartak" will not lose too many points in the second half of the championship team may well be able to compete for prizes.Hooked for gold? It is very difficult to judge. CSKA and "the locomotive" ? top competitors red and white ? today look much more played and coordinated teams. Don't forget about the "Saturn" and "Wings". They too are keen to compete for the highest places. Anyway, the Moscow region team, the games which I have seen in this offseason leaves a very good impression.So now for spartakovtsev has the very moment when you have to fight through the "can't". To give them points almost without a fight ? so how it happened in the early nineties, ? no one will be.Watarirouka this line is understaffed. When the red and white went to the last camp, the situation does look depressing ? in the composition there was only raw Zuev and Alekseev. But the search for a goalkeeper, and the goalkeeper number one, is underway. Perhaps those in the team will be Moroccan Bugs. Now, however, it is difficult to assume, will survive if he's in a new place. African plastic and has excellent reactions, but in training sometimes missed easy balls. Nevertheless, the search guard gate heads "Spartaka" don't stop. They studied foreign market. But, according to our information, the main goalkeeper may well become one of the goalkeepers playing in our Premier League. It all depends on whether there will be a deal soon.Saxicola Romantsev the last collection I decided to try out the scheme with three defenders and two supporting half backs. The defense of the red and white, as shown by test matches, not sinless. Teamwork in the absence of the injured Pinheiro Brazilian defenders are clearly not enough. And after all of the South American Oleg Romantsev sees on the position of Libero. Also need to wait in line Vashchuk. On it the head coach of "Spartak", in his own words, counts as a Central defender. It is possible that in the course of the season Ukrainian will occupy the position of Libero. On the right flank for a place in the composition of the vie Mitreski and Kebe. Left out of the competition Kovtun.Palisadians all depends on when in operation will return an injured Titov. With him or without him "Spartacus" ? it's two different teams. It recognizes and Oleg Romantsev. When Yegor back in operation, the position of left midfielder, is likely to be entrusted Kalinichenko, who has improved a lot recently. While it alternately play rootless and ruby. The latter has a high speed and a great shot with his left foot that has repeatedly demonstrated in the current season.

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