Decide the future of the European competitions

Decide the future of the European competitionsFootball details of European football will gather this week in Rome, where they will spend a few intense days. Tuesday will open with a meeting of the UEFA Executive Committee.The UEFA Executive Committee will gather in the Italian capital for two days to discuss various issues in the field of European football. The meeting will be held on the eve of the 27th of the Next Congress which will be held in Rome on Thursday.The main issue on the agenda will be the European Cup competitions. The Executive Committee will determine the arena, which will host the finals of the Champions League and the UEFA Cup in 2004. He will also discuss the latest news on the television rights to broadcast the Champions League in the period from 2003 to 2006 year.Then the Executive Committee will discuss the future of the UEFA Cup. In the summer we will decide on the tournament format, which, according to UEFA, should be changed to make it more attractive from a commercial and sporting point of view. UEFA and European top clubs for several months considering various options for increasing values of the UEFA Cup, including the introduction at a certain stage of group tournament.Preparing for Euro 2004, which will be held next summer in Portugal, is going according to plan. The Executive Committee will receive a report on the ongoing works that will turn the main tournament of Europe on an unforgettable feast for fans and teams.The Executive Committee will also have to decide who this year will receive a charitable receipt, annually awarded by UEFA. The European football Union will hand over this cheque to his owner in August, at the opening of the European season in Monaco.Everyone's attention will be attracted and the financial position of UEFA because the Committee will sum up the interim results of the financial year 2002/03, and also to hear the forecast for the remainder of the fiscal year, which ends on 31st July.The Executive Committee will also hear statistics of doping control prepared by UEFA at the end of the seasons from 1994/95 to 2001/02, and report on various events that UEFA is going to take place in 2004 on the occasion of its 50th anniversary..

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