The European Commission will change the sale of rights to broadcast

The European Commission will change the sale of rights to broadcastThe Executive body of the European Union - the European Commission has charged the football Premier League England this ultimatum: add to next March, adjustments to rules on the sale of media (media) rights for broadcast. According to informed sources here, at this step, the European Commission has pushed an 18-month investigation into the circumstances of selling TV rights to the 20 clubs in the highest division of English for a leading company of satellite television PBS-bi, ITAR-TASS reported. According to representatives of the European Commission, the sale of rights as a single package, as it is now doing the teams in the Premier League, to the detriment of fair competition and inflate prices. Under the current three-year contract, the League sold the rights to the Bi-es-bi for 1.64 billion pounds ($2.56 billion us dollars). Most of these funds to 1.1 billion pounds - is formed as a result of live broadcasts. According to Brussels, the existing "monopoly" rules deprive the individual clubs the opportunity to sell the rights to broadcast their matches, the media, resulting in only a quarter of the matches of the English top division directly broadcast TV, ITAR - TASS reported. If Premier League, which will make amendments to the terms of the contract, then it forcibly to make the European Commission, said informed sources..

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