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Vlastimil Petrzhela: Start in your field - a good omen

Vlastimil Petrzhela: Start in your field - a good omenAt the end of last year, when "Zenith" has led the first in the history of the Petersburg club of a foreign coach, Vitaly Mutko half jokingly, half seriously said: "To master the Russian language the Former plays a month." Cech is a bit not met the standard, however with the linguistic task. So far, however, we cannot say that he owns fluent Russian. But during the conversation with the correspondent "SE", held on the eve of the departure of Zenit in the final preseason in the Czech Republic, the interpreter was not needed.- Before the start of the Russian championship only a few days left. Would you like to bring the date of the first round, in which "Zenith" will, "Saturn", or think that the events of the rush is not worth it?- Everything must take its course. Initially time consuming, very stressful job in training camp, then the matches of the championship, where should manifest its fruits. Of course, pre-launch excitement in football St. Petersburg felt: the team paid a lot of attention from fans and journalists. But I wouldn't mind to have a few more days to prepare. It is only after the final comeback Igonina and Radimov you can judge the true potential of the middle line and the team as a whole.- Happy that the match of the first round "Zenith" will spend at home?- Oh yeah! I already heard about how you can support your team by the fans. I know that at home matches going the full stadium, and I hope this tradition will continue. In addition, there are also personal reasons to be satisfied with the fact that the first game we will spend at home. This is a good omen. Whenever my club started the championship at home, he managed and the starting period, and the entire season.- Can we assume that the team completed?- Yes. Remained only, as I said, wait for recovery after injuries to the group of major players, which includes also the defender of the Flowers.- Recruits - goalkeeper o Contofalsky, defenders Horak and mareЕЎ, Midfielders Radimov and Shirl, forward gartig - players in different roles. Increased their the emergence of competition in each line?- Of course. In my opinion, Malafeev and o Contofalsky benefit of joint training: both are the representatives of different goalie schools. Moreover, 18 years of coaching experience and knowledge of other Russian teams allow me to assert, that "Zenith" has the best pair of goalkeepers in the championship. Just pair.- And who of the pair is more likely to take a seat in the gate at the start?- Malafeev. Game features o Contofalsky I have known well, and after meeting with the Glory I was convinced this is a smart and hardworking guy. Malafeev will be easier to defend the goal in the beginning of the season: crowded St. Petersburg stadium it will not surprise you. O Contofalsky can interfere with understandable excitement.- The defensive line after an unsuccessful series of test matches at the training camp in Turkey was transformed. In six friendlies in Cyprus and in Spain Zenit have conceded just two goals.- For the left flank and the center of defense, I generally calm. Happy understanding Hovsepyan and Gorak, the two main Central defenders. But the right flank causes a certain excitement. Would be healthy Flowers, the problems would not have arisen. But the injury in the beginning of the preparatory period, forced him to undergo surgery. Place Tsvetkov took Kiriza, but the level of his game doesn't quite satisfy me. In addition, there is the additional problem is he does not know Russian language. It even scold useless, still do not understand. Tried in Spain on the right flank of the Baras from "Wings of the Soviets", - there was an option to take it from Samartsev in rent, but he was not stronger Kiriza. Look at this position young Lobova from the first team.- But in the middle line you can choose among them.- I admit that initially several players alternately told me that never played the line that used to act strictly personally. To convince them was not immediately apparent: the guys had to go through very hard work before they, freed from the shackles of "computers", began to look more free, liberated. I mean the Katulsky and Konopleva, both in the last matches looked very decent. Of course, counting on the help of team captain Igonina (at the last training session in Spain he has worked in the General group) and Radimov who I believe is an extremely gifted footballer. Special conversation about Spivak. It's great! In midfield Sasha (the former calls his players that way - Sasha, Andrei, Valery. - Approx. A. K.) can play any position. In the center they with Radimov can form a powerful Duo.- Fans of "Zenith" worried about the situation with Arshavin. Looks like he has a solid place in the starting line-up?- She is intelligent and sociable person. I am pleased to communicate with him. But I really haven't determined the position he is able to bring maximum benefit to the team.- Maybe on the right flank? Possible. But there are able to play Spivak. And Osipov, which in turn confidently declared itself.- But the position of man Arshavin - Kerzhakov in attack looks solid. In a couple of the best striker of Zenit, detach the rookie of Garciga?- I know well the capabilities of this energetic, giving everything forward and I have no doubt that it will be useful to the team. It arrived not in the best physical condition, but rapidly gaining shape. Although some problems in the attack remain: in recent test matches "Zenith" too little scored.- What I will focus on the collection in the Czech Republic?- Questions of tactics. The composition of the hand already in the team a perfect microclimate.

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