Milan took 2nd place for number of tifosi in Italy

Milan took 2nd place for number of tifosi in ItalyRecently published the results of a nationwide study to determine the actual number of fans at the giants of Serie A. carried out the work is a division of the Center for Social Research, Italy - SportFans (R), with the support of TNS Abacus. It is worth noting that the Corporation specializes exclusively in sports or sport-related research. She holds them, or to order any specific commercial organizations that are (or intend to be) a sponsors/parttree individual athletes or associations, or with a view to selling various interested legal entities. Often also representatives of the sports movement, "order" different kind of information. Primarily for more accurate determination of marketing policy.Nevertheless, it is worth noting that from time to time above the Clearinghouse conducts and open learning. Yesterday, announced the results of one of these. The object of study: football fans, Italy objective: the identification of specific data with which to accurately understand who they are football fans. In parallel, at the request tifosi, SportFans (R) studied how many tifosi Italian football giants Milan, Juventus, inter, Lazio, Roma and Napoli. highly reputable centre, its services are used by almost all commercial giants of Europe and America, are in some way connected with sports. 1. Juventus, 2. Milan, 3. Interventus football team of Italy, the most beloved in Italy. For no sick 8.4 million Italians. In second place Milan, 5.2 million tifosi. Third place on the podium is the other team in Milan - Internazionale. At no 4.9 million fans. Roma on the fourth, 2.5 million. Lazio same with 862 thousands of fans only sixth. Ahead of Napoli, despite the TSA plight of the club that the TSA can't get out of Series B. the Mondial di Napoli" 1.5 million followers. Juventus. Interesting is the fact that 46% of the "Bianconeri" representatives of the female sex. The average age of Juve fans not to exceed a 34-H. Milan. The red-CHernyj the largest number of tifosi with an average age of 24. 70% Rossoneri were men and only 30% women. 86% of people interested in football (in particular the Series, and it 28,7 million), allocated to itself a certain club. 14% did not see a need in the hobby for any one team, in order to enjoy the game. 57% Kalamanov - men. SportFans (R) says that the largest number of fans of Calcio per unit of population in Central Italy. Later in the press release said that 8 out of 10 fans constantly follow the news around the League and teams. 25.5% of the never miss a televised football broadcasts cable channels, and about est 25% often visit the stadiums. The vast majority of people definitely pay attention to the product sponsors of their favorite teams. So, most of the Milan players said that when choosing which company sportswear to buy Adidas apart from the competition. A German firm is a technical sponsor of the Milan club..

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