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The Italian League: match reports

The Italian League: match reportsUdinese - Juventusturin strong-willed victory "Intera" in Bologna, which is so distressing for Juventus, did not leave the ward Lippi other choice, except how to beat visiting Udinese.Starting the Juventus squad in comparison with the previous matches has been changed, the chief of which was the defeat of the basis of French striker David Trezeguet, who after the injury will not gain my best conditions. The Duo attack "old lady" in the absence of the injured Del Piero amounted to Marco Di VAIO and Marcelo Zalayeta, however, as shown by the game, it was not the best way out.Defending champion Italy, as befits the Grand Serie a, started the match with massive attacks. The first real chance to score was in the 12th minute of Zalayeta, but his header from close range was parried by former goalkeeper of Juventus, Morgan De Sanctis. Guests continued to attack, but stubborn Udinese, which at this season do not just spoil nerves favorites, staunchly defended, protect ostavaysya it a draw. The match was broken in the 59th minute when a foul on Davids red card was shown Giampiero Pinzi. Lippi added new blood in the attack, thrown in Trezeguet and Salas, and this move brought results. In the 84th minute, the Frenchman received the ball from Gianluca Zambrotta, left no chances De Sanctis, bringing much-needed victory to his team. Juventus, winning the next three points away from inter to within one victory, and at least another, week will show off the top of the table.Torino - Regina neighbours Juventus also little chance to escape, as Juventus are to fly, but finally Torino is still capable of destroying the blood of many teams. South "Regina", desperately brusheezy for survival, was forced to lose an important three points at the Stadio Delle Alpi. Low quality the game ended with the victory of "pomegranate" thanks to the only goal from the penalty spot, scored by Marco Ferrante. This is only the third victory for Torino this season, and she is unlikely to substantially change the position of the second Turin team, which is probably waiting for a "descent into hell".Empoli - Piacenza Sad fate Torino, will likely share once the Italian Serie a team "Piacenza". The team has no points and put the game, despite the presence of many skilled performers, the level of which might be envied by the same Torino. This brilliantly proved the beginner Series And "Empoli", having won a convincing victory with a score of 3-1. After the victory, "Empoli" a few trimmed their tournament business, rising to 12th spot.Como - Lecco Como started playing only in the second round, completely failing the first, which determined the fate of the provincial team. Now Como shows quite pleasing to the eye game, but the train was gone, and there is little that can help the team avoid relegation. After the away victory against FC Piacenza" in the previous round, "Como" was dreaming for the first time in the season to win two wins in a row, the good and the opponents were not the strongest. However, in the struggle for survival points needed by everyone, and the players, "Brescia" did everything possible to win at least a draw. Como took the lead in the 54th minute, tried again the team leader Fabio Pecchia. But the joy of the hosts was short, just a minute tall Luca Toni scored the second goal, using the passing of the Brazilian Matuzalem. In the last nine games Como suffered only two defeats, but this is no solace for the faithful fans of the team, which already mentally preparing to meet a Series of B. Atalanta - Parma"Parma", which all still have a chance of getting into the Champions League, to put this in purpose in life, was obliged to pobejdat in Bergamo. Fans of "Atalanta," in turn, mindful of the away match of his team against Milan in the last round, expect another Thriller, but it never happened. The battle was, but rather tactical, and both teams failed to find the way to the opponent's goal, which led to a natural goalless draw.Modena - Poruguese one team actively scarymaze to stay in a luxury Italian division, received the "Perugia". Given the state of the teams at the moment, you can predict a home win, but that did not happen. "Modena" attacked more, as a result opening the scoring in the opening match, but "Perugia" scored an equaliser in the first half. Second polovina turned out to be much more boring, summing the result uninteresting from the point of view of the game and goals scored, round in Serie A. it is hoped that the evening match AC Milan vs AC Chievo Verona will brighten a bleak picture, drawn daily games..

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