Raul: I don't know how to score

Raul: I don't know how to score? Your football career ? striker. In fact, as actually scoring goals?? (Laughs.) In recent times I notice that the interview begin with the very complex issue. There are thousands of ways to score against opponents, and yet after the goal remains some tinge of mystery. Scoring the ball, you still don't know how it happened. However, you don't understand how people manage in hundreds of other such moments to miss.? Which goal do you consider the most beautiful in your career?? Of course, the first. I was 17 years old, and I am only the second time wearing the shirt of real Madrid. By the way, this was my first appearance at the stadium "Santiago Bernabeu". On top of that we faced atlГ©tico's main rival in the city Derby. Before the match coach Valdano told me that he would very much like to see me in the starting lineup, but I am not sure if I can withstand the psychological pressure. My heart is pounding so hard that he almost jumped. I immediately blurted out: "If you want to win, you must let me out on the field." Remember, in the second half I got the ball in midfield, clenched his teeth and, without looking, pulled to the gate of the enemy. On goal beat already by intuition. Fortunately, the ball was in the net.I will never forget how 90 thousand fans of "real" in unison started chanting my name. It was fantastic.? This feeling you've ever experienced then no less than hundreds of times. Not dulled the sense of triumph?? Never. Goals ? this is the essence of football. If I may say so, pills to be happy. To score goals ? this is the most beautiful thing in sports.? You have countless titles in your career. Do you still have any unfulfilled football dreams?? In my plans are still two points ? to win with the "real" national Cup, and together with Spain to take, finally, the first line of any major tournament.? By the way, how do you explain the fact that Spain is the best national League in Europe, but the national team can not Express themselves?? Spain has always produced excellent players. However, the dream of the most talented teenagers ? to get into "real" or "Barcelona", but not in the national team. Although the 2002 world Cup showed that Spain have made a huge step forward. Upon returning from Korea and Japan this summer we are warmly greeted by thousands of fans. I think that at the next European championship or the world will be put to our victory.? What coach has played in your life the main role?? Beyond any doubt ? Jorge Valdano. He was the first one I fully trust. It was from him I got permission to do everything on the field, I would think. Mention should also be made and Fabio Capello. His professionalism and love for all kinds of detail impressed me.? Your best game in his career yet to come?? Probably of the same that I've already played, stands out the victory with the score 5:0 against Barcelona at the Santiago Bernabeu. To describe the feelings after this success, there are no words in the lexicon. The audience what is the force driving you forward, you start to run even faster, you just fly across the field. I still chills when I remember that match.? If you become a coach in the world, whom would you invite to the team?? Among the first I'd invite Del Piero, Beckham, Owen, Kahn, Ballack, Aymara, Shevchenko and Scholl. And, of course, my childhood idol Roberto Baggio..

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