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Fabien Barthez: do Not make me look like a clown

Fabien Barthez: do Not make me look like a clownGoalkeeper "Manchester United" and the national team of France Fabien Barthez is one of the most eccentric players in the world. It is often called a clown for the original antics on the field. But the goalkeeper nickname is not very much.Before the League Cup final against Liverpool Fabien Barthez gave an interview in which he told readers of the British website soccerage what he thinks about his image. "I am often called a clown," says Barthez. "People like to talk about my bizarre behavior. Perhaps it began on the day of the defeat against Arsenal last year (recall that when man UTD lost because of stupid mistakes Frenchman). After that, people began to come to my house and take photos, which tried to capture me in a funny way. On some pictures I was like down's. I didn't like it, but the evil I do not cherish. If I swear, it will be worse for me. I believe that my detractors just don't understand how hard it is to be a Keeper." "Ideally, I want to think I will be remembered as a good goalkeeper, but not as an eccentric personality that silly running around in the penalty area and tries to show off in front of the audience. But understand that all my actions are caused by the need. I run out beyond the goalie is not a joke and in order to help his club." Barthez also sympathized with Jerzy Dudek of Liverpool, which gave United a goal in the match, which took place in December. "I'd rather be stupid to miss the goal than to be insufficiently prepared physically. In the end, nobody will remember, when the Central defender will miss the right moment. When hedgehogs or I make a mistake, then this will write all the papers, and nobody will forget"..

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