The Championship Of Russia. 10 revelations of the season

The Championship Of Russia. 10 revelations of the season1. Leonid TKACHENKO, the head coach "Anzhi"7-th round. Anji - Uralan - 1:1 - Humanity is divided into two categories - people and referees in football.2. Viktor PROKOPENKO, head coach of "Dynamo"8-th round. Dinamo - Anji - 0:1 - In the locker room I told the guys: with such a state of mind to attend the funeral of a distant relative, and not on the field.3. Valery FILATOV, the President of "Locomotive"28th round. Falcon - Lokomotiv - 0:3(Plato the Zakharchuk after the match.) "Plato, well, what were you thinking when you were catching everything?! I have a warrant for your apartment has not been signed yet!"4. Sergei BALAKHNIN, acting head coach of "Rostselmash"in round 20. Rostselmash - Cu. Tips - 0:3 - Today all played bad, but some are even worse.5. Yury SEMIN, the head coach "the Locomotive"Matchday 30. Dynamo - Lokomotiv - 1:2(About the upcoming Golden match.) "I hope that Spartak will come cheer for us" (shaking hands with the press attache "Dynamo" Alexander Lvov).6. Vladimir SHEVCHUK, the head coach "Saturn"Matchday 26. Saturn - Lokomotiv - 2:1(In response to scattered applause.) "Those who we have here is a winner, you better slam."7. Viktor PROKOPENKO, head coach of "Dynamo"24-th round. Dynamo - Rotor - 2:3 - it's hard for Me even to comment on many of the defensive players and the goalkeeper. This is some... (pause) collective insanity.8. Tamerlan STOEV, goalkeeper of "Alania"7-th round. Rotor - Alania - 2:1(About his own goal.) "That was blinded by the sun, not an excuse. I have now only one wish - to die."9. Leonid TKACHENKO, the head coach "the Falcon"24-th round. Falcon - Torpedo - 0:4 - Sorry. Was hoping that the window, which we opened in Makhachkala, after this match will turn into a window. And then the door was shut...10. Dad TIAW, FC Dynamo Kyiv 22-th round. Dynamo - Falcon - 2:1 - When substituted, the coach did not understand, because in Russian does not know a word. I had to sign..

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