Arsene Wenger: Arsenal worthy of winning the Champions League Cup

Arsene Wenger: Arsenal worthy of winning the Champions League CupAhead of the match between Roma and Arsenal in the Champions League coach of Londoners Arsene Wenger held a press conference where he told many interesting things about the upcoming game. "Honestly, I didn't expect that Roma will be able to get up off his knees and to join the fight for an exit in 1/4 finals of CL. This suggests that the team had underestimated what she is capable of great things and aspire to achieve something meaningful. I will not repeat the mistakes of the airport, and get ready for the match with "red-yellow" with the utmost seriousness."""My plans for the game? Current Arsenal is a team of three players, the degree of readiness which depends the successful performance of the team. Whom I mean? VIERA, Pires and Henry. Patrick symbolizes the strength of our team, Robert - the mind, and Thierry - pressure and speed. The combination of their playing qualities allows you to turn Arsenal into a deadly machine that sweeps away all in its path.In "Roma" also, there are performers of the highest class. Francesco Totti is not just a good player, a player who is one fantastic move , whether it is a pass or kick, is able to decide the outcome of the match. From him will come the main threat to our goal. Also I would mention excellent form Emerson. The Brazilian is very well proved over the last few seasons and if I have the opportunity, I would like to invite him to London to play for the club that I manage."""I want to Express my respect for his counterpart: Fabio Capello is a great coach, and I always liked to cross swords with a worthy opponent. I hope that the upcoming meeting will be for us an exciting fight, and how he would not over, I'm ready after the meeting to come and shake hands with don Fabio". "We need to win and we will strive to achieve it. 9 points almost take us to the next round, so we will fight until the end. God forbid that we did it! Arsenal worthy of winning the Cup Champions League!"..

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