Gunter Netzer: the Magician from Dortmund

Gunter Netzer: the Magician from DortmundWe need trainers, practitioners! I argued several years ago in a German edition, which also from time to time publish their thoughts. Argued also that there is nothing worse than working with mentees in a textbook. And my dreams seem to be coming true. In the Bundesliga gradually a generation of young professionals with a valuable experience in the best European clubs.Bright representative of the new wave - Matthias Sammer. The amazing thing is that the coach of Dortmund "Borussia" - the contender Moscow "Locomotive" - made the transition from one state (the player) to another (the coach) is painless for yourself and imperceptibly. Yes so easy and fast, though it did not cost him any effort. This in football, in my experience, it happens very rarely. Today we can safely say that he is already doing his new job in the same quality as the previous one.The reason for the success of Dortmund magician, in my opinion, is that he managed to forget that until quite recently, he was a football player, so talking to former partners in a language they understand. He is a part of the team, but at the same time, keeps a distance with subordinates, to impress his authority. Sammer is currently working on creating harmonious in all respects of the team, trying to find a balance of young and veteran players. Of course, it is not necessary to forget that the Sammer was lucky because he got the right team extra class.Lucky this man in the other. To obtain a licence to him, despite the draconian orders of the German football Union, was allowed as an exception only accelerated courses. And I think that is right, when prominent individuals receiving such benefits. It would be ridiculous to put in their time at the school Desk, say, Franz Beckenbauer, if the baggage practical knowledge he was superior professors. Here and Sammer - before he could start his coaching career, as has already achieved a lot.There is a popular opinion that a great player can't be a great coach. Sammer this seemingly time-proven wisdom successfully refutes. While he is a pleasant exception. But already now we can say that emerging in Germany new coaching generation is more energetic than the former and more knowledgeable in many other areas that we, the old, digested with difficulty.Practice, and this I find particularly amusing, is able to quickly transform. Those who have recently, as a player, loved to walk, suddenly become ascetics and become exemplary teachers. The same thing happened to me when I'm with footballer turned Manager in Hamburg. But Sammer this, incidentally, does not apply. He was obsessed with discipline - and remained so. The players, seeing the mad mood of the cartridge to win themselves become infected with his enthusiasm. And he has the unique ability to transfer the wards of faith in their strength. That is why, I believe, Dortmund and was able to reverse the course of the November duel in Moscow in their favor.It is important that practices are in any case not copy their teachers. They should only take the best from them, filter and develop your own style. If Sammer learned something from Christophe Daum - although I don't know what that something is good. No one detract from the merits of Douma, but I can't imagine that his student was forced, like him, to run his players through the broken glass. But to learn from another of his mentor Ottmar of Hitzfeld to speak with the press, in my opinion, would be worth. Sammer says that not every day to tell your team the same. But this confusion should pass. When he is older, you will realize that in such matters should not be stubborn. However, I understand Sammer. After all, the responsibility he now so great that it is not up to intimate conversations with journalists. Perhaps only one Hitzfeld from the current coaches of the Bundesliga is able without irritation to answer questions from reporters. At Hamburg, when I was there the Manager was working the famous Austrian coach Ernst Happel - so it is up to the end of his life he avoided journalists.Hitzfeld back in the days when Sammer was at his beginning, somehow noticed that this player knows better than himself. I think at that moment, Hitzfeld just complimented his star. Now that is another matter. Sammer learnt a lot from his father and coach, took into account the error of training players the GDR, where there were no individuals. On the other hand, brought with them from the socialism of his best achievements systematically and extremely strict discipline.However, recent scandalous events in the "Borussia", which led to the first in the history of German football suspension for inter-squad showdown on the field (between the German goalkeeper Borussia Dortmund and one of the Brazilians), questioning the work of Sammer in this area. But I believe that this incident is not the fault of Sammer. Goalies - unpredictable people. Know this firsthand - he began his career goalkeeper. As for the Brazilians, and they are not angels: never on time not returned from their vacations. But all of our coaches have already got used to the idea that for the result they can be forgiven some sins. And Sammer, like others, was forced to close his eyes to their eccentricities..

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