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Barcelona - Bayer Leverkusen: match report

Barcelona - Bayer Leverkusen: match reportBayer Leverkusen is on the verge of a very nasty record. No team in the Champions League didn't finish the second group stage, not gaining any points. Most likely, the record will be set, as in the last match "Bayer Leverkusen will take inter Milan, who points still vital. The match in Catalonia became clear illustration of the old sayings: "the lower classes and the upper classes do not want." Even if no particular desire "Barcelona" beat the German club. Not to say that Bayer gave the game. The beginning of the match demonstrated the seriousness of Bayer. However, the players on the team now are not able to solve serious problems. But even last season, Bayer was a finalist of the Champions League. The causes of the current breakdown of the team in the national championship and the Champions League are obviously a failed transfer policy boss of Bayer Rainer Calmund, injury, brosivshie leaders of the German team. It is unclear what the reason, selling two superstars - Ballack and ze Roberto, Calmund not purchased on their position serious players. When injuries knocked down key defenders Bayer - Nowotny and Lucio, and they did not find a worthy replacement. For the second year in a row, the press relentlessly deride forwards Bayer, wasting scoring chances from match to match. But here, no changes occur. On the field again and again goes Dimitar Berbatov, and each time raised the question of his competency. If Bayer did not take off this year from the first Bundesliga, Calmando it is worth pondering the question of strengthening the team because the current team is able to solve the leadership problem only in the second Bundesliga."Barcelona, in turn, had a match begrudgingly. This is especially felt in the second half. Only a few players, obviously, trying to strengthen its position in the eyes of the coach, has shown itself to be more than 50% of its capacity. The rest played on the class, not really worrying about the positive result, which itself was in his hands. Generally, the game the Catalans in the group stages of the Champions League, unlike the national championship, is impressive. It is not necessary, however, to forget that so far Barcelona have only played with one of the giants of European football with inter. Other competitors are the Catalans do not qualify for the tournament favorites. At the same time, obviously, in the quarter-finals FC Barcelona will meet with a very serious group. None of the teams who occupy the second place in the other groups, cannot be considered "easy" opponent. A major advantage of the Catalans may be that they, unlike most of the other favourites of the Champions League, no need to wage a serious struggle in the national championship. Rather, emphasis is placed on winning the Champions League. If the players of FC Barcelona will head into the matches with all the responsibility, the team will have a very good chance of winning the tournament.The compositions selected by the coaches of the teams in the game were far from optimal. Thomas Gerster left in stock main defenders placenta and Zivkovic, and the leader of the midfield Schneider. The Neuville, Joao, Ramelow and does remain in Germany. Radomir antic was not able to use the services of injured team leaders - Puyol, Cocu and Luis Enrique, and in addition, was forced to bench Mott, who was injured in the Saturday match of the championship of Spain. The first half Leverkusen started very actively. In their first attack Jan Simak very actively interfered with Banana to pick up the ball, and Frank de Buru had to knock him to the sideline. Immediately followed by a canopy on the right, and France struck the crossbar. The Catalans responded by intercepting a pass Shimaka in the vicinity of Bayer's box and shot Gabri past the gate. Instantly Gabri were noted in the defense, interrupting sharp passage Berbatov in the centre. Gradually, the Catalans began to "enter" the game, pressing the Germans in their own half. However, their attacking actions from time to time gave no results. Attack Bayer were somewhat sharper. On the 11-minute Gabri was shot down in the right corner of the penalty Babic, and Bayer was entitled to a dangerous free kick. Simak decided to break into the near corner, and Banana hit the ball very confidently. The second blow struck Chris, and hit the Frank de Boer, and batted the ball was in Berbatov, and the Bulgarian again not used 100% of the time, striking Andersson, who at the goal line and threw a kick. The ball hit the hand of Swedish Barcelona defender, but the referee did not react to this episode. On 15 minutes, Berbatov got another great opportunity to score, but the Bulgarian missed her again. At this time France was in the center, gave the ball right Berbatov, he beat Reiziger and struck with the feet above the crossbar 11. Famous football rule "don't hammer - hammer to you" worked in exactly two minutes. Mark Overmars ran down the right flank, cut the ball to Saviola, he handled the ball and shot into the near corner - 1:0. The goalkeeper of Bayer butt didn't even budge. This goal was 150-m for the Catalans in the Champions League. Almost immediately after the goal, the teams exchanged yellow cards. The Catalans got Overmars, in which protective actions don't really have time for Babich, and eventually became responsible for his injuries. In the composition of Bayer's yellow card was shown to Chris for a foul on Saviola.

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