The Championship Of Spain. Match reports

The Championship Of Spain. Match reportsBarcelona - Betis Barcelona tried at home "Betis". After a successful game in the Champions League, everyone was waiting for the Catalan club next burst. All expected and were not disappointed in their expectations. It seemed that Barcelona held the third and fourth chukkers of the match with inter. The home team started the game very actively, the confirmation of which can serve as a goal scored by Saviola in the 2nd minute. After the filing of Reiziger from the right flank, Patrick Kluivert head threw the ball in the goalkeeper's area, and the remaining unattended Saviola sent the ball into the goal defended by Prats.No sooner had the "Betis" to recover from this unexpected event, as already after 4 minutes, there was yet more disappointment. After a corner, Philip Cocu in the high jump scored the second goal. Scenario loss in Porto will help match has been copied by producer the Antic and his actors almost one hundred percent.Yes, and Dame fortune this evening clearly favored Barcelona. After a dangerous counterattack by the visitors, the gateway to Banana miraculously saved by the crossbar. The ball bounced to real Betis balompié, but there's a way "round" accidentally blocked leg Puyol.Visitors clearly did not suit this game, they are a large force tried to attack. On the 27th minute Melli violated the rules against Coca, got a warning. The coaching staff, "Betis" tried to challenge this decision, which led to a second yellow card: its got stationed in reserve Cesar De Scrap.Despite the fact that all remaining until the end of the first half time, the "blue garnet" mostly defended, on the 41st minute, Saviola made the score 3-0. Xavi from afar shot on goal, the Prats in the fall hit the kick, the ball bounced to the Saviola and deft Argentine kept his head and rolled the ball into the goal.The second half began no less briskly than the previous one. At the 9th minute of the second half Barça played a great attacking move. The attack started in center field, Luis Enrique. A fan favorite, substitute in 41-rd minute, gave a pass to Reiziger, who broke through on the right flank, gave a lateral pass to the left flank Mandate. Last made a cross pass to the goalkeeper's area, where all the same Saviola from very close range sent the ball into the net.But the meeting ended in a brilliant victory of the Catalan team 4-0. Looks like Barca is awakening from a long lethargic sleep.The head coach of the Spanish "Barcelona" Radomir antic was very happy with the victory of his team in Saturday's match against real Betis 4-0. Serbian expert believes that for 3 weeks, during which he is at the helm of the team, Barcelona are beginning to show very good football. Antic believes that the victory of his team especially valuable in light of recent match in the Champions League against inter Milan. As you know, this meeting ended with a confident victory of the Catalans 3-0. Antic believes considerable achievement for his team in the last three games against such strong teams like Espanyol, inter Milan and real Betis managed not delivered a single ball."For the past two weeks in Barcelona" there are rumors about the possible departure of our team in the second division. However, we have managed to radically change attitudes and dispel all the pessimistic forecasts. I'm happy with the game, which currently demonstrates command. We already know exactly when we need to increase or slow down the pace of our play, when to play open football, and when in a closed" said antic, who did not want to set any targets for his team this season in the Spanish League. The reason for this is quite a considerable gap between "Barcelona" from the leaders.Deportivo - Lovespace failures in the Champions League match against Basel, Deportivo tried to prove that it was absurd accident. Given the fact that the "deportation" practically lost all chances to win a place in the quarterfinals of the League, the team did everything in his power next calendar match. "Depor" was released exclusively on the field hungry for goals, and used 80% of all this chance. Especially zealous team forwards Roy Makaay and Diego Tristan, who scored 2 and 3 respectively of the ball. Another goal scored another striker club albert Luque. After a fabulous game mentors "depora" expressed satisfaction with the match and the coach of "Barcelona b" was more and more silent."Depor" one of the real contenders for the title of champion of Spain. If the main competitors of Galicians "Valencia" and "real Soledad" will lose points tomorrow, the team of Javier Irureta will have a real chance to seriously compete for the championship with these two clubs and real Madrid.Real - Valladolid beginning of the match at Santiago Bernabeu" real Madrid had to play the role of the hole team. Valladolid took the lead already in the 10th minute when Fernando sales precisely sent to head the ball into the goal Casillas. It should be noted that "cream" was worthless actors. They are unable to enter in an unusual role, and, as usual, made their fans long to worry. Already on 18-Oh to minute Roberto Carlos had done his trademark free-kick to equalise. Three minutes later, Ronaldo drove the ball into the left top corner. Real Madrid, however, the forces are obviously skimped. Besides the stars, "Royal club" Raul and Zidane did not participate in this game, which could not affect the course of the meeting. The entire second half, the visitors clearly dominated the field, creating several dangerous moments at gate of owners.The final score in this game (3-1) was established in the 89th minute when Portillo locked filing Carlos from the left flank.Now real Madrid have 45 points after 23 games, the team ranks first in the standings, ahead of "real Sociedad" at one point. And if tomorrow Sociedad will win against CA Osasuna in the Spanish League may be a change of leader.The head coach of real Madrid, Vicente Del Bosque stated that it was dissatisfied with the play of his team in Saturday's match against Valladolid. As you know, this meeting ended with the victory of the Royal club" with the score 3 - 1."Our team played its not the best game. For all the time that I am at the helm of the team, think it was one of the worst games played with real Madrid. During the game the players put a lot of effort physically, but the impact was very small."About the "Valladolid" Del Bosque said that in this team there are players who are remarkable for their skill."Valladolid had good opportunities, to successfully complete this match, especially when kept in the account in the first half.Del Bosque did not want to discuss the reason for the lack of Morientes entry list team for this match. As the coach said "creamy", he took this decision because I thought it most appropriate."I have thought it best not to include it in the application. This in any case is not the sort of punitive measure against the player for the incident that occurred on Wednesday during the match against Borussia..

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