Spartacus-2003 in pursuit of CSKA-2002

Spartacus-2003 in pursuit of CSKA-2002CSKA and "Spartaka" in the championship of equal ambition and approximately equal budgets. But hardly worth it from the first round of match play the game red-blue and red-and-white. Vice-champion, adding to the already tightly Packed clip Kasowym and the "Golden bullet" Jarosik, appeared fully armed. Bronze medallist still targeting and targeting your new Arsenal.Team Gazzaev won his first match in great style. Unsophisticated performance at the level of the Premier League, Rubin got chickens in Osip. CSKA seems to be gaining gloss. The pace of the army asked still mad, unsustainable we have no one else, and they are guided in this cycle is better than a year ago. Before each possession of the ball player in red and blue ? a scattering of three-four public partners, where and who should be the opponent, in any case "ruby", and then to be late on the beat, not to disassemble. Ceckowski goals were, mind you, one and all played out in the mind, and, therefore, the army felt to play their brand of rhythm like a fish in water.Gazzaev, by all appearances, intends to lead a team on the rise, and it will not lose generous efforts. Generally suppresses the style in the fields of domestic rare. Comes to mind, of course, FC Dynamo Kyiv in the manufacture of Lobanovsky. But in Kiev, at least in Soviet times, was the nuance that distinguishes them from today's CSKA. The so-called "interval method": 15 minutes players made the effort, then the same piece was performed in more sparing mode. So the team Gazzaev sort of tactical trailblazer. And swing in a season full of impressive.Raw, somewhat chaotic, somewhat clumsy, but pragmatic tearing the same points CSKA a year ago ? this is the yardstick by which to judge the current term of "Spartacus". And got some red and white, interestingly enough, in the first match of the season against the same torpedo and CSKA a year ago, only changed zilovskoye sign on metallurgical. Remember what happened in that meeting. Pretty grey and equal first half. Red card to Danny and Curteian. The analogy hatching, you will agree! And now there was a game with equal chances, perhaps a little more "color". And now the two removal: again the old one ? Kovtun and exuberant rookie from others ? Rekhviashvili.Differences were seen in the main: "Spartak" and after the break, achieved nothing, unlike CSKA, who a year ago "exploded" to 4:0. As they say, not proschelkal his piece. I don't know the red-white what it is they have. In the middle line Spartak focused now mighty grouping: Demenko, Smirnov, rams in the first half, often moving into the Central area ? neither give nor take awesome occupation troops! There is what is called a breakout group ? Daniszewski with Pavlyuchenko. The latter, incidentally, showed a sensitive reaction to the episode. But it all came together, until the question. Play quickly, briefly and deftly this heroic company not from his feet to play athletic and rationally ? not in Spartak traditions. It will be very helpful famous toast from the film "Caucasian captive": "that our desires coincide with our possibilities!"Yuri Tsybanev.

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