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Michel Salgado about the upcoming game with Milan

Michel Salgado about the upcoming game with MilanBefore tomorrow's match against Milan Michel Salgado gave a special interview that was entirely devoted to the upcoming game in the Champions League.- That will be played in the match real Madrid vs AC Milan?- Will be played exit in the quarter-finals. The way I see it, because we have touched before by the Germans and the TSA depends only on us. Now there is no margin for error, we are playing at home and must do, as usual, victory, despite the opponent, which will be for us to resist. If we win, "Milan", will greatly reduce the chances of Borussia, because psychologically they will remain under pressure. They will wait for our defeat by the Italians and if we win, I think that the TSA will be determined almost completely, although wish we went to Russia with rastnym access to the quarterfinals.- We can talk about this game as of early final?- It is very difficult to say, because only those teams who also perform superbly in the Champions League, and apply for a title, such as Juventus, Arsenal, Manchester - Hierro out of the game, Elger continues to recover, participation Ronaldo in doubt...- Hierro is a significant loss because he is the captain and has behind him many matches of this nature. The Elger is a very important player and I hope he recovers, as well as Ronaldo. This does not mean that there is a doubt that they will be able to take SWOT place, these players have played a lot of games and have a special rhythm, which is always noticeable. I believe one hundred percent in the team, because it consists of players of real Madrid, and it speaks about STM.- Milan are a typical Italian team?- Yes, I think so, although this year this team has slightly changed his style of play that doesn't seem so "Italian". Lately they are not playing very well, but I obejct that will strive to win and to knock us out of the tournament. Never seen the Italian team played relaxed, especially when they know that they can knock out draw "real Madrid". I see it ctco, they will strive to win, but will not play so openly. Will be watching how we act and wait for our mistakes.- Based on the experience of the game at San Siro, how can they be a nuisance?- We are playing at our stadium, we understand the importance of this match, must control the ball and prevent, so they took the danger zone, because in that case you will be able to benefit from their quick players such as Shevchenko and Rivaldo - If dobitsa this, it will be a big part of the victory.- "Milan" you scored a goal in a counterattack.- That's their Forte. A moment cost us the match on their field. When stormed their gates, when we controlled the game and when he felt that they almost disappeared from the field, BAM! Slept for a counterattack. Then they just 15 minutes sent a long pass to Shevchenko before the end of the meeting. Know that they love to play, so you need to act very carefully.- There is a desire to take revenge for this defeat?- Yes, because we left an unpleasant aftertaste: made a great effort and were rewarded for it even if it's a draw. It is clear that it is the duty and the pride and everything else we have to get him back.- How will parse command line Ancelotti?- The protection they have is typically Italian: very strong, with very good understanding, with lots of experience like Maldini or Nesta, everything in the world say it is one of the best Central defenders. The right plays šimić, who also is a Central defender and doesn't connect as often on the attack, as the left extreme Kaladze. We can say that they play almost with three Central defenders.- More middle line varies.- So. In every match it is unknown who will play. In one match, Pirlo is not even in the application, and the next he's already playing in basis. This line is more creative than in previous years. Recovered Redondo, ready Ambrosini, Pirlo, Rivaldo, Rui Costa. This line is very competitive, in addition, there is a player everyone in the world say he is stupid, but his work is most important for Milan - Gattuso.- Who are the rivals will take care of?- In the line of attack they have a good selection of players. Shevchenko can take the ball on the edge and make a goal, because it has good dribbling and speed. He is very quick and also a good goalscorer. Then they have a different style of play with Inzaghi, which is always a problem for defenders and can play outside the penalty area - and, finally, Tomasson - the player's penalty area.- What is the main motive of this meeting?- To win 1:0 in Milan. I am very worried that nothing reached at "San Siro" and want to win. It will be a match in which, if we win, Prinect great joy to the fans..

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