Cup RFPL really need judges

Cup RFPL really need judgesCup games in the Premier League, the first matches of 1/8 final of which will take place on Saturday will be served by the arbitrators so-called reserve judicial elite. According to the head of Board of football arbitrators Nicholas Levnikov this is because these referees have to compete with our leading judges."Competition will improve the quality of refereeing, " said Nikolai Levnikov in an interview with the weekly "Football review". - Fees showed that almost all arbitrators grow in their professional skills, and our next book may already this season to enter into judicial elite. We can say that we were lucky with the establishment of this tournament. Thank you to the person who submitted the idea. Because judging first games of the League Cup, which is not such an important competition as the national championship, will enable the referees to gain experience of service matches among the teams in the Premier League, get to know them, feel their spirit, to know many players of the country."".

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