Spain. Tour overview

Spain. Tour overviewThe second day next, 25th round of the championship of Spain, was marked by the fact that the field is again turned uncompromising struggle. In addition, after seven winless matches finally won the "Mallorca". The islanders were able to impose his will on Denilson and companies in response to two goals, was able to answer only one.Like izgolodavshihsya wins, the team with the Balearic Islands in the second minute forced the locals to make a mistake in the penalty and break the rules against Ibagaza. As for the penalty, it was a matter of technique. Pandiani from the point was accurate. Generally, the most active in the hosts was Ibagaza, going everywhere and actively helping its and Pandiani. Response same goal, scored at the 22nd minute, was the result of an error Lozano, who gave an incorrect pass. At the break the team went with a draw score, but in the second half was again scored a quick goal. At this time, Lozano now cured completely. He took the transfer from the penalty Ibagaza and hit his head put an end to the match. At the end of the match the chances to tie the game missed the edge "Betis" in the face of Denilson and Joaquin.In the Basque Derby was once the leader of the championship "real Sociedad have beaten on the home field "Alaves" with a score of 3-1. The owners decided the outcome of the match in the first half, scoring before the break 3 goals. Turkish legionary command Nihat at high speed beat several opponents and gave an assist Darko Kovacevic, who opened the scoring in the 17th minute. Then on the 39th man of the match, Nihat, who is currently in great shape, he has doubled the deficit. A minute before the end of the first half of the Russian legionary "Sociedad" Valery Karpin, using the wrong defense, scored the third goal. The meeting was not correct, as the arbitrator often had to climb into his pocket for a yellow card, in order to apply it to the players, "alavesa". Only in the 84th minute, the visitors managed to sweeten the pill, when Mendez Navarro had not missed the goal. This victory lifted real Sociedad to second place in the table, just a point separating the team Denoix from the current League leaders real Madrid.Located in the departures area, "Rayo Vallecano" before his incadea to lose face in the dirt had no desire. So, right from the starting whistle of the "man in black", the hosts were given to understand that "Celta", which was no Bridge this time, will be very hard. "Rayo" relied on long balls, which are designed to create urgency at the gates of Cavallero and bring forwards on a date with the Argentine goalkeeper. Started attack hosts, usually, the goalkeeper Segura rather exhausted Central defenders of Galicians Huanfrana and cГЎceres. As for the players, "salty", they acted without much Shine and not threatened the goal Segura. Remember in the game, perhaps the episode with the penalty, which was performed by Luis Cembranos, and cavalero with great difficulty managed to avert the threat. The Galicians had snapped at 82 minute when Luxen and ed was in the penalty area and from close range failed to score more than seemed likely a goal. The answer is to wait were (how here not to remember the ancient football rule). On 87 minutes, Ramon De Quintana took the cross the Mitchell from the left flank and a spectacular head kick drove the ball into the net, cavalero.Match mГЎlaga - athletic revealed a toothless defense Basque team. Three dry ball sent into the gate Aranzubia, was the culmination of the game. The advantage of "Malaga" on charges of Yupa Heynckes was so obvious already from the starting whistle of the judge that the goal was only a matter of time. He was born on the 25th minute, and its author was Delhi Valdez. Before the Panamanian striker has already had one good moment, but in that moment played Aranzubia. At the break the team went with the minimum advantage of owners. As for the second half, he was also a pure monologue "Malaga". Manu twice, 76 and 84 minutes respectively, forced the guests to start with the midfield. In Seville, the corresponding command does not leave any chance of playing well at home, but alas, diametrically opposed to "CA Osasuna". Guests must be said, played very roughly and on the 17th minute were reduced to ten men. The field was removed Again. The home team in this circumstance was able to take full advantage of. After 3 minutes remove the account was opened. Little Antonio took the cross Freddie Labarca and opened the account. 't have to wait long and the second goal scored at minute 37. This time scored one of the team leaders - Reyes. In the second half, the hosts are confidently controlled the game and made her a well-deserved victory.The outsider of the championship - Recreativo seems to have started to gradually gain momentum. For though and played rookie of the elite of Spanish football at home, but played pretty strong Espanyol. Hard fight for 90 minutes did not reveal the winner..

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