Shinnik will nurture talents in Yaroslavl

Shinnik will nurture talents in YaroslavlIn January 2003 it is planned to open soccer boarding school "Shinnik", reports the club's official website. The purpose of the new organization will be the identification and education of promising young players from all over Russia. Currently on view are the talented young man from Vladimir, Ryazan, Kostroma, Vologda, Cherepovets and other cities. In the end, only about 25 people will have to remain in the orphanage. Here the players will live and train (2 times a day) and study in one of Yaroslavich schools. The coaching staff of the boarding school amounted to well-known experts: senior trainer - S. P. Vorotilin, coach 1986 - the former coach of "Neftchi" Boris Rybin, coach 1987 - Eugene Martyanov (until recently he worked in SCHOOL "oilman") and coach 1988 - former head coach "Saturn - D" D. P. Smirnov. Thus, there will be formed three age groups, which will train 8-10 people..

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