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Alexander Panov: Two clubs in the Premier League for St. Petersburg is quite real

Alexander Panov: Two clubs in the Premier League for St. Petersburg is quite realPanov did not lose heart: a conversation in the lobby, smiling at the Atlantis completed the sentence: "That is done - all for the better." It was said sincerely and seems to be the case. After leaving Dynamo Moscow, in Petersburg to the namesake of the capital club Panov started to score in every match.- You, probably driven by a desire to prove that Moscow was wrong, putting in Panov on the door?- Here's what I don't want is to prove something. And even more - to the Moscow "Dynamo".- Why?- I think I was in this club just didn't understand. Resentment at the manual I have, but because we have no desire to prove something.- And what did you feel when you learned: services Panova coaching staff of the Moscow "Dynamo" is no longer needed?- The shock was not. Was a shame that the club decided in December, and in the midst of preparation for the season. If I knew that Dynamo is not interested in my services, would have started to look for a team. Chance to find a place in a good club would be more.- And as you explained in the "Dynamo" the reasons for this decision?- I was blamed that I have not scored in the past year. Supposedly counted on you as a scorer, and you're expectations were not met. But it was right after the season. Then I finally went to Turkey for the first collection. Looked then, frankly, it doesn't matter: the game did not really work.- Turns out, the club were quick, once you started to score?- I do not know. Dynamo wanted to create a new team, but without me. And now to talk about it?! This is the right club. Can only agree with the assessment that last season for Panova has been sorely missed. From my point of view, I held it normally. Because the year before, not only did not play, but did not train. Agree, such a simple skill anyone can add.- You were now other employment options, in addition to inviting in "the Dynamo of SPb"?- I wanted to stay in Moscow. But during my three weeks of inactivity the most specific was the call of the coach of the Petersburg command of Sergey Lomakin. He said, verbatim: "Sanya, come fly with us to Turkey". I willingly agreed. Better collection in Turkey than self-training in Moscow.- Panov and "Zenith". Around this theme and your possible return to the team went to a lot of rumors. You can tell that is hidden behind these conversations?- I really wanted to go back to Zenit. But then two phone calls, the case has not moved.- And who called you?- The club President Vitaly Mutko. Barely freed me from Dynamo, we had a telephone conversation. Mr Mutko said: "Enough to ride, come home." - You refused?- Yes you are! I, no matter how pompous it sounds, a patriot of his native city and Zenit. Even Packed a suitcase to move in. But the second call was less enjoyable for me. I said, "I'm Sorry, but it will not work".- Why, you're not interested?- Probably not fit in the tactical scheme of the coaches. Or maybe even what the reason is. But in any case, it's a shame. I think something made for "Zenith", not to be thrown into a difficult situation. My cost, thanks to the decision of a management of the Moscow club zero, my desire to return to the club was evident, but in the end, "Zenith" I didn't want it.- But need the second to the St. Petersburg club "Dynamo". You are ready to sign a contract with the first division team?- Yes. I've already decided remain. I held out a hand. Left to meet with the President to find common ground at the conclusion of a personal contract.- Are you prepared for the fact that almost all the defenders of the first division will take the field with the installation: close Panova and become a hero?!- Ready. Aware that I probably will be even more difficult to play in the first division than in the Premier League. But Dynamo wants to make St. Petersburg a gift for the 300th anniversary of the city, solving the problem of entering the elite. Want to be part of it. I want to "Dynamo" went to St. Petersburg fan who remembers me, lepekhina, Kondrashov, Kulik players "Zenith". Yes, today we are a different team, but it is very desirable that the city of five million, there were two Premier League club. I think it's real. So back to St. Petersburg, which is love.- Three and a half years ago, you scored two goals against the world Champions. They decided the outcome of the match France - Russia.

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