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The Zenith of Petrzela knew how to stop the Loco

The Zenith of Petrzela knew how to stop the LocoSt. Petersburg "Zenith" for the first time this season arrived in Moscow. Almost immediately it became clear that new head coach Vlastimil Petrzhela, despite their poor knowledge of the Russian language, has managed to create a cohesive and fun team played. Already in the first minutes of "Zenit" took the initiative in midfield, well acted Konoplev and Spivak, left tormented Evseeva Czech midfielder blue-white-blue Shirl, and to the right in the first minutes of great and varied played Arshavin. Due to injuries could not take the field St. Petersburg main defender mareЕЎ, which was at the centre of defence was taken by Vjestica, and the attackers made a couple of Kerzhakov and gartig. The composition of the Team looked familiar except for the lack of Lecceto in the first team. According to the coach of club Yury Semin, the South African is not yet ready to perform at the proper level. In the attack from the first minutes out of Julio Cesar and Pimenov. After Zenit took control of the ball, "the locomotive" has spent the first a dangerous counter-attack. Acting on the right flank of defence Sennikov was almost to the corner flag and the last effort hung in the penalty area visitors. The canopy was so clumsy that our Contofalsky was about to enter the ball after a timeout. However, on an unpredictable trajectory of the projectile were on the edge of the penalty area, where overt Loskov head threw the ball Yury Pimenov, which is a strong blow struck the corner of gate "Zenith". The next dangerous moment took place only in the middle of the first half. This time Muscovites could increase the score. When serving from the right wing wrong output o Contofalsky, but Julio Cesar, who stood in front of the empty goal could not substitute a leg prospective the ball past him. Closer to the end of the first half Zenit created discomfort Ovchinnikov. At the right edge of the penalty area, "Loco" was appointed standard, which Shirl struck heavily rolling the ball and the red-green goalkeeper was forced to catch the ball and hit it into the field. Went more distinct the game is on a collision course, the master of which is the forward of Zenit Alexander Kerzhakov. In the counterattack he seemed to be running away from two defenders "Loko", and Evseev has been involved in the fight hands with him. In free both fell, but the referee signalled only out. Later Spivak handed corner, and joining the attack Vjestica dealt a blow to the head angle. Ovchinnikov caught the ball on the goal line. And at the end of the first half of the game Andrei Arshavin moved to the center and immediately gave the ball broke into the penalty area Konstantin Konoplyov. The emergence of defensive midfielder, "Zenit" in the camp of "Loco" nobody could have expected, and Konoplev freely struck the near corner of the net. In the second half Lokomotiv, having the mentality of a champion, tore off the bat. However, crushing the home side's red-green failed. Guests immediately adapted to this development of the match and successfully began to counterattack. Although initially fans of the guests that gathered at the stadium in Cherkizovo is clearly more than the owners themselves, pretty jittery. First Ignashevich struck powerfully from a distance, but our Contofalsky confidently caught the ball and then Izmailov pushed his way into the penalty area from the right flank and laid the ball Yury Pimenov. Ruslan was in seven meters from the gate, and without care, but after its blow the ball hit the post. It was in the beginning of the second half of the game and, looking ahead, it is worth noting that obvious goal-scoring opportunity Pimenova has become the latest Lokomotiv. After that, the field was dominated by the "Zenit". Arshavin was on the right flank and made a great pass into the penalty box to the lone Garciga, but the Czech striker was unable to reach the ball. Then Garth was on the left flank and crossed into the box, Ovchinnikov was first on the ball but couldn't hold him. For the rebound struggled successfully Arshavin who took over the ball to Kerzhakov, who, in the touch sent the ball into the corner of the gate "Loko". By the end of the meeting Zenit midfield confidently controlled the ball and did not allow Muscovites to bring the matter to scoring chances. While St. Petersburg has successfully conducted their counterattack. Konoplev penetrating pass led to the goal Kerzhakov and Garciga. Those, in turn, barely dividing the ball to each other, still brought the case to strike at goal. Gartig smashes in the middle Ovchinnikova from the angle, but the Keeper Loko showed a reaction, moving the ball to the corner. At the last minute Pimenov rushed to the gate o Contofalsky, however Horak gave the forward "Loko" to enter the penalty area and Ruslan powerful shot from outside the area. However, the ball was above the gate. Thus, the champion made his first splash in the League, which, however, was legitimate. Pimenov 11 - Konoplev 41, Kerzhakov 63 Sennikov, 25, Loskov, 40, Maminov, 42, Julio Cesar, 45, Pimenov, 83 - Hartig, 56 Removal: Sennikov, 82 on March 22. Moscow. The Stadium "Locomotive" Ovchinnikov, Evseev, Julio Cesar (Parkes, 57), Nizhegorodov, Pimenov, Sennikov, Maminov (Sirhaev, 71), Izmailov, Ignashevich, Pashinin, Loskov O Contofalsky, Horak, Hovsepyan, Spivak, Arshavin (Osipov, 80), Vjestica, Kerzhakov, Hartig, Katulsky, Hemp, Shirl Egorov (Nizhni Novgorod).

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