Platini: FIFA Confederations Cup seems to me very pretty

Platini: FIFA Confederations Cup seems to me very prettyOn the eve of the Confederations Cup, which will start soon, Vice-President of the French football Federation, the famous former football player Michel Platini gave an interview to the French newspaper "l'equipe", in which he shared his opinion about the upcoming tournament and not only about it. What do You expect about starting on 18 June, the Confederations Cup?- To me, this tournament seems very nice. It will feature the participation of national teams that we would never see if not for the upcoming tournament. I think the Confederations Cup will give the opportunity to all the French people remember the 1998 world Cup. Yeah, maybe this tournament is a bit exotic, but the matches of the French team against teams such as Colombia, Japan or New Zealand will be very interesting French fans.- Don't you think that the football calendar and so very busy... Yes, of course, and this is a very serious problem that we all need to decide together. - What do You think about the threats coaches clubs to release their players to the national teams for the upcoming tournament? Look, we also have the possibility to exert pressure on the clubs. If managers of English clubs will not release players to national teams, we will not issue transfer letters of our (French) players, as they transition team in the English Premier League. But I think it won't come to that, and all the players will be the coaches of the national teams.- You don't think the Confederations Cup though and can be a nice tournament, but not very important?- It's hard to say. I believe that this tournament has no future. But today he is primarily because of this want of Confederation. Secondly, because the signed contracts must be fulfilled. I mean the television rights to broadcast the matches of the Confederations Cup. If we will now take a decision not to hold a tournament, then will face huge financial problems.- Why do You think the tournament has no future?- A hunch tells.- What do You think about today's France team?- It seems to me that the new coach managed to create a good team, which is scheduled alloy of experience and youth. Despite the last defeat against the Czechs, I'm still inclined to believe that this team is capable of big wins..

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