Will there be a broken record Simutenkov?

Will there be a broken record Simutenkov?In anticipation of the start of the championship of Russia we decided to remember what it was bright in the matches of the 1st round of the previous Championships.The the first and only in the opening rounds of big away win. Moscow Dynamo was stronger Stavropol their teammates, winning 3:0.1993 Second year in a row Nazim Suleymanov from Vladikavkaz "Spartak" unable to convert a penalty in the opening match of 1992 ? with CSKA, 1993 - "Esmerala").V capital Derby "locomotive" ? Dynamo was scored the fastest goal in the first rounds. On 17-th second gate railway workers struck Igor Simutenkov.1995"Spartak" plays house "Uralmash" thanks to a hat-trick Muhsin mukhamadieva with the score 5:1. This match is the most productive in the first rounds.19962 March - the earliest start to the Championships of Russia. Only three of the championship of the USSR ? 1985, 1986 and 1990 ? started a day early.Art has been successful for people - they managed to get 5 wins.At year was a turning point in the history of the Championships of Russia. Last time scoring average was more than 2 goals per game.Not began on 3 April. Is the late start in Russian history. For the first time in the Championships of Russia in the first round of the team that rose from the first League. Returning after a year break Nizhny Novgorod "locomotive" lost at home debutants, "Saturn" 0:1.2000 Tour was remembered by an abundance of warnings and deletions and became the "red-yellow" among the opening rounds of the Championships of Russia. 33 warnings and 5 deletions ? this is the result.Any peaceful start in the history of the Russian Championships: 5 draws.Any bright in the first round last year was the match CSKA - "a torpedo-ZIL" - 4:0. It was memorable and productive play Dmitry Kirichenko who made a hat-trick after the break to replace. In addition, the match was deleted 3 players, all in the first half..

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