Denis Popov: In Albania, as in Makhachkala

Denis Popov: In Albania, as in MakhachkalaThe forward of Russian national team and CSKA Denis Popov played in the national team under the guidance of two mentors ? Oleg Romantseva and Valery Gazzaev, but goals have not yet been scored. Denis himself believes that the match against Albanians he is able to break this unlucky streak.? You know, once in Ancona, I seemed to have transformed, ? smiling Popov. - In Moscow - mud, slush, frost, and here is another thing: the sun, the fresh air. Once again convinced of the sagacity of our leaders who have chosen Italy to prepare for the match. In such conditions, but still in a friendly atmosphere, the psychological mood is growing by leaps and bounds.? After three days of this Italian collection. Now it easier to find understanding in the field with partners in CSKA or the amount of time needed to "get used" to all?? When it comes to the national team, it is always assumed that it invited the players who don't need much time to establish cohesion. What is important is that we, the army, at first a bit easier than others to perform the installation of the trainer - we work in the club on a similar methodology. But the rest of the guys get used to the requirements of the rapidly - in a few days.? You've been in the Apennines. Learned during this time to understand the local speech?? Indeed, in addition to last year's match with CSKA Parma, I was given other opportunities to visit Italy. In particular, time spent preseason camp. But Italian it is the case no matter. First, I talked mostly with the Russians, and secondly, the natives speak so fast that to understand them is almost impossible.? And in Albania, hour, did not have to happen?? You! Heard that the place is like Makhachkala ? not the most quiet. However, it's our job to play and not to choose their opponents comfortably.? You managed to play in the national team Oleg Romantsev, now involved in the team Valery Gazzayev. However, to open the floodgates have failed? I agree, a striker's goals ? this is the most important individual. Although you've probably already heard from many that they are willing not to score at all, as long as the team wins. On the one hand, it is correct, and if you don't hit the gate, and the team certainly will not be late. Guys are sometimes appropriate, pats on the shoulder: "Wait, Denis, wait." Yes, and I feel that it is time to vary.? Albania is suitable for this opponent?? This team is capable of more than 1:4 in Volgograd. Uncompromising, uncomfortable, sporty insolent. Moreover, the defeat of our national team, in fact, would deprive them of the chance of going to the European championship. I think the Albanians, in spite of everything not dreaming of a ticket to the final? As they say, a poor soldier-? What is required from the Russians to calm down the rebellious soldier?? Everything will depend on the attitude to the game. I do not exclude that goes the struggle of emotions. Albanians - new coach, new stadium, so they will climb out of his skin to win. We should not give them one bit. As for my alleged personal contribution, provided that I will take to the field, the most pleasant feeling for a striker is to realize that you did all you could, and your efforts were not in vain. It's even better than "free" goal.? Denis, many people think you are straight forward, who rely solely on speed and physical power. Agree?? Actually, I am just fine with criticism, it helps to see their weaknesses. Especially if to separate her from the scandal, because critics tend to exaggerate those features that they don't like. Miniature hitter from me never will - so the nature had other plans. Bad, when you don't speak, and discuss - then you're somehow a Yes represent.? Lately you as if in defiance of public opinion, the promenade will play, with summer breaks-? Not without it. Let people look and see that the person has other skills, not only those, which everyone knows..

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