Mini. The Nickel minimum chances

Mini. The Nickel minimum chancesChampion of Russia on mini-football (Futsal) Norilsk Nickel won their second match in the semi-final tournament of the UEFA Cup (predecessor of the Champions League), which takes place in the Belgian Charleroi. Norilsk with a minimum score beat Croatian "Split" - 4:3.In order to reach the final of the tournament, the Russian mini-football players now in the final match to beat the favorite of the tournament - Spanish "boomerang-Interview" and to expect that Croatia will win the host team. But the chances of that Ghost: Russians because in the first round lost to "Charleroi" (4:7), and the Spaniards defeated the "Split" - 13:1."Norilsk Nickel (Russia) - MNK Split (Croatia) - 4:3 (2:1)"Charleroi Action 21" (Belgium) -"the boomerang Interview" (Spain) - 5:8 (3:3)Position of commands: 1. "Boomerang" - 6 points (21:6). 2. "Charleroi" - 3 (12:12). 3. "Norilsk Nickel" - 3 (8:10). 4. "Split - 0 (4:17)..

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