Armenia - Northern Ireland: match report

Armenia - Northern Ireland: match reportBefore the match of national teams of Armenia and North. Ireland in Yerevan rose football hype. The team received a new coach is Romanian Mihai Stoiciu, and besides, this match was the best opportunity for Armenians to win in the qualifying tournament.Weather made a nasty surprise to the players. The British clearly didn't expect to meet almost freezing temperatures in Armenia. Recently they often saw the footage from Iraq, and, in principle, expect to see something similar.The match has begun with attacks of the home team. The first dangerous moment was created in the second minute when a shot Karamyan few centimeters missed the post. However, in future, the Armenian players had wilted and conceded a sharp attack on superorganized. The ball ricocheted off the back of a newly minted player of Kiev "Arsenal" albert Sargsyan parachute down on the crossbar of the Armenian national team. If the woodwork has played for the hosts, the weather obviously did not want them to be favored by the middle of the half in Yerevan has started to snow in March for Armenia is more nonsense than the rule. It subsided by the end of the half, which was marked uninteresting game from both teams. The Armenians had the territorial advantage, but this has not led to any results, goalkeeper Mike Taylor confidently coped with simple kicks and crosses.The second half the players of the national team of Armenia began a lot more than. Several times shots brothers Arman and Artavazd karamany and albert Sarkisyan. In these moments began to solo the team leader Swiss midfielder "young boys" Arthur Petrosyan. In one episode he got the ball in the penalty area and volleyed shot into the far top corner, the ball hardly has not flown in gate. Guests snapped no less acute. Most real moment to score his first goal in the last seven meetings they missed in the middle of the second half. His team from neminuemogo goals saved Roman Berezovsky stretched out at attention and having beaten on a corner kick Quinn.Towards the end of the match, the Armenians, inspired by the stands, rushed for the final assault. And again its weighty word said Arthur Petrosyan. On the 86th minute he coped brilliantly with the mission entrusted to him the Saviour of the national team of Armenia. At high speed, receiving the ball, he burst into the penalty area and, after retiring from two defenders, technical, grassroots kick left out Taylor. The explosion of the stands caught Petrosian in the arms of partners who rejoiced, as it turned out, the first victory of the Armenian national team in official matches at the national stadium. Vazgen Sargsyan.In the last minutes of team North. Ireland was desperately trying to escape from defeat, however, the Armenians defended well and kept the desired account. Mihai Stoykite won the first victory in his first match as coach of the national team of Armenia, which left his team a chance to fight for second place in the group.And the guests, having lost, completely lost the chance of a favourable outcome..

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