Marat Izmailov: I decided: enough to hurt!

Marat Izmailov: I decided: enough to hurt!For a year the Russian football foodie could not help but yearn for Izmailov. Let the "locomotive" without him, won the championship of Russia, let Dmitry Loskov was the best player of the season, let looked impregnable defense led by Sergei Ovchinnikov - but I wanted to add to this cocktail a little imagination young lokomotivnogo inventor! But the injury followed injury, the player is more confined and doubted myself. The miracle last year it seemed more distant and irretrievable.The second half of the first leg with AC Milan now have hope: the permafrost Izmailov-2002 started to melt drops of his former football works. And during the super Cup of Russia, when a substitute of two friends-peers - and his Pimenova - turned the tide of the game, there are already more solid feeling: this Izmailov is returned.Strengthened it during the conversation with the player. All of last year not Mature judgement midfielder remained silent, now I, to his delight, again heard Izmailov sample season-2001 - the same sincerity, the same relentless dissatisfaction. It's great that in addition to this gratitude. To whom and for what? Learn from the interview.Today in the Champions League match 20-year-old player to solve a difficult task - to be replaced in the starting lineup Loskov. Creative game "Loko" will depend in many respects on it, Izmailov. Maybe one of the greatest talents of our football and just need a measure of responsibility, to finally say to the world about his return.- It seemed that in the match with CSKA you feel comfortable on the field. How do you evaluate your current state? - ask Izmailov.- It just seemed. You know, many people think that I'm playing on the audience with his criticism, but I'm really dissatisfied with my own performance! In recent matches anything not created, not risked, goal threatened a little, the efficiency was low...- do Not agree. And Yuri Semin was satisfied with your game like against Milan and against CSKA. By the way, the coach admitted that on Saturday because of the bad state of the field they wanted to keep you up to Dortmund. And yet, losing, took the risk.- For me now are not important, field conditions and weather. Now I'm in any condition, you need to run, and to run a lot, and at the expense of games to get in shape. Remember my good before last year: the first two or three months I also came on as a sub and played very unconvincing. But Yuri Pavlovich I still trusted me and stubbornly threw in Inferno. The same is happening now. You see: me, unprepared, he is constantly releasing play. It is very expensive.I know the psychology of our coach: he says that if people are strong in spirit, then it is baked at some point inevitably get out and start to play at the highest level. In 2001 what happened: played, he received an invitation to the national team, and off it went. The main thing now, like two years ago, is to endure and get out of this pit. Thereby justifying the confidence of the people, whom I love very much. Who helped me in difficult times. I was very important to understand that I was not left alone with their problems that we are all together. And I get it. You feel a hundred percent healthy?- Condition is not perfect, but I don't want to complain. In General, I have firmly decided: enough to hurt! Even if you get some minor damage, do not pay attention to them.- Last year you treated his sores otherwise?- Probably, Yes. Worried about each microtrauma, afraid to aggravate. But nothing good came out, and now I began to take it easy.- How badly would you be affected psychologically missed a penalty against CSKA, if "the locomotive" has not won a series?- Of course, winning all the covers, and yet the feeling remained. How can a normal player not to score a penalty?! It is clear that the matter of psychology, in the excitement - but for me it can't be an excuse. Emphasize that talking only about myself - it's even funny that I didn't score in that situation. In that corner (the lower right. - Approx. I. R.) actually beat rare, but here for some reason decided to hit it there. Thanks to Sergei Ovchinnikov, who saved us in a very difficult situation, after three unsuccessful consecutive penalties.- In the match against CSKA Lokomotiv showed that the best fit now?- Sure there's. We have large domestic reserves, especially offensively, and with each match, the team will improve. And from the outside, and inside you can see that we are not yet 100% ready. While not strong enough for the pressure is found, and this applies not only forwards, but primarily us Midfielders. And therefore scored the first goal in only the fourth game of the season. The very same feel I need more to hit the target. This is even more important in the spring fields.- Two-hour fierce battle for the super bowl didn't hurt the Team on the eve of the meeting in Dortmund?- In any case. Now that the season is just beginning, all matches are useful, including such. The team played to their strength, most important of all, the constant in the right form.- Most likely, you will have to play against Borussia in place Loskov. Ready to play the game the whole team, as does captain?" For me there is no issues. Now I essentially started playing again and happy for the opportunity to go on the field. I will give everything in any role that I am offered the coaches. If today, for example, prepared by 40 percent, then returns to compensate for the remaining 60.Igor RABINER.

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