Gamboled the neighborhood: it would be Better scored from the penalty spot in Togliatti!

Gamboled the neighborhood: it would be Better scored from the penalty spot in Togliatti!The fate of the match in Ramensky was solved within two minutes. First, the goalkeeper blue black Valery Chizhov not allowed to vary the torpedo Bugaeva, and then the new "Saturn" Gamboled Bazaev kick from 30 metres was caught off guard by the goalkeeper of Muscovites Valery Vorobyov.- Most likely, it was the result of surprise, says the author of a goal in the neighborhood, Jr.- In my opinion, after the Cup defeat in Togliatti (in a match with "Lada" Bazaev missed the final penalty. - Approx. A. K.) this goal you really need?- Frankly, the penalty, does not want to remember. On Wednesday I had no right to miss, and the current goal is unlikely to do an impression of that setback. It would be better that I realized the penalty spot, but not today... scored After two defeats at the start of the season was the state of shock?- Partly. Thank God we won today. The victory over the "torpedo" will add confidence in your abilities and will help in solving for the season tasks.- Perhaps Vitaly Shevchenko have told you about the strengths and weaknesses of his former team?- I would not say that the setup for this match was very different from what we were receiving prior to the meetings. Just played my game, trying to use our best quality.- You seem to know vulnerabilities "torpedo" and his goalkeeper Vorobyov: a year ago in Vladikavkaz also he scored from a free kick.- I don't even know coincidence or a pattern...- Last Sunday was a significant one for the family Basevich. You opened the account to the goals for the Saturn, and your brother George has distinguished himself in the match against "Spartak".- First I was informed by the head of our team Sergey Travkin. Happy for his brother and for the Vladikavkaz team, which still sympathize. I hope this year and "Saturn" and "Spartak-Alania" will please their fans more often than in the past.- To suburban team you joined towards the end of pre-season training, when we had to catch up. While forces on a full match is not enough?- Of course, missed a lot, but gaining quickly. Helps the confidence of the coaches. Today played what I could. And replacement asked myself - felt the pain in Achille.Andrey KUZICHEV.

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