Loco simply did not have enough physics

Loco simply did not have enough physicsIn football, there is the notion of "post". It is used to signify the attacker, which is not aimed at lightning jerks on the verge of offside and the "one-touch" at the end of attacks. "Posts" usually "graze" in the penalty, and their main task is to win the fight riding after a pass from his goal and continue in this way the attack of the team. In a match with "Milan" "the locomotive" played like he's in attack playing football just this type, for example, Jan Koller or Pierre van Hooydonk. And in fact, the Duo of forwards at the railroad was almost the shortest player in the Champions League: Maxim Buznikin - Ruslan Pimenov. Does the coaching staff Champions Russia does not understand that the struggle in the air can not be our trump card in the attack? I think Semin is well aware of. Actually the tactic of "enter the zone UN-canadian" is a compulsory measure. By the way, the "locomotive" is often played in the Champions League first group stage. Only then Yury Pimenov, Buznikin and then still healthy Obiora had to fight not to Nesta and Maldini and Puyol and de Drill. However, the result was approximately one - zero. Now, forced this tactic becomes due to a simple lack of strength. It is difficult to expect that in the beginning of the season "Loko" will appear perfectly oiled football mechanism. And it is impossible to demand from the players that they will run without stopping for 90 minutes. Prolonged control of the ball in midfield and on the approaches to the opponent's penalty area takes a lot of strength. Therefore, the defenders choose the easiest option of delivering the ball to the opponent's goal is a simple - minded sheds. What is particularly effective when the opponent is pressing. When the game is built so it is hard to complain fast, technical, but small forwards. Again it would be unfair to demand miracles from Manager Loskov or technician Izmailov. Team tactics is based on the actual capabilities of the players, not from an abstract ideal. Physical readiness - here's the first "locomotive" while inferior to the best European clubs. Well guys can't be worn on the field, as do the players of real Madrid, Manchester United or Arsenal. In a match with "Milan" railroad was enough for about half. And even then only because Milan have become completely confused, believing that they will cope and so, half-heartedly. However, the calculation of Ancelotti and could not be justified: for the whole match, the Italians were able to create only two scoring chances and converted one. Here you have to once again praise the defense of Moscow. Pashinin never made a mistake never, Sennikov in no way inferior opponent, and the only per-game gaffe Nizhegorodov, unfortunately, resulted in a goal. As for the "Shuttle" to Lekhetho of such claim, except, perhaps, received the blue on yellow cards. Obradovic same from the game openly and fell in 90% of cases gave the ball to opponents. In the middle of the field Loskov and Maminov a little bit, but lost a foothold Pirlo and Rui Costa. As a result of tactical superiority, "Milan", which, however, the Italians didn't exactly know how to use it. Rivaldo, for example, from any position tried to shoot, expressing this flagrant disrespect for Ovchinnikov. The Russians, however, the same sin Maminov, who Dida didn't want anything to not put. Exit to the field Izmailov Semin obviously hurried. Marat, though, and flashed a couple of times technique and innovative thinking, physically ready for the match was not. Sorry, but it was after his loss Dahl Tomasson scored the only goal.At the last meeting on the field appeared a mysterious Winston parks. As expected, nothing special, he did not show himself. However, he ran faster and more readily than Izmailov or Pimenov. It now remains to see how he will play, if often will get the ball. In any case, next week "the locomotive" in Moscow should look better. Sorry, will not be disqualified, Lekhetho, but it will be served punishment Evseev. In reserve, Semin still gleaming at the end of last season Mnguni. The tournament situation in group "D" is such that neither team has not lost chances of an exit in the quarter-finals. But the victory in Moscow is a prerequisite to continue the fight. It's nice that in matches with the best teams in Europe our champion doesn't look the group whipping boys. It would be good now to start winning. Leonid Edlin.

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