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Ovchinnikov was ready for any material penalties

Ovchinnikov was ready for any material penaltiesA little more than half an hour - not long compared with the usual practice was discussed yesterday, the CDC members the question of the imposition of sanctions against the goalkeeper "the Locomotive" Sergey Ovchinnikov for unethical conduct after the match of the Russian championship with Zenit.The verdict after the meeting read by the Chairman of the Committee Viktor Maruschak: FTC's Bureau unanimously decided to disqualify Ovchinnikova for 5 games and to remove him from participation in the championship and Cup of Russia (for the matches of double teams and Cup Premier League, the disqualification does not apply. - Approx. A. B.).On the one hand, the punishment is severe. On the other - to the goalkeeper could apply stricter measures. "For offensive gestures or profanity in the partner, opponents, referees, inspectors, viewers of" the regulation provides for the suspension to 5 games. "For attempting physical effects on referees, inspectors, players, team officials, officials" - a suspension for a period of 1 to 10 matches. When combined sanctions, which means that the maximum period of Ineligibility could be equal to 15 matches. Need to behave with dignity in accordance with moral and ethical norms, the more that it is a reputable man - Sergei Ovchinnikov, - said Victor Marushchak in conversation with the correspondent "SE" Alexander BOBROV. We, in turn, strongly guided by the regulations. And case Ovchinnikova not be construed as an exception to the rule.- Have you watched the video?- Yes, the touch of an arbitrator. The victim - Miloradov - confirmed that he was pushed. But we took into consideration not attempt physical impact on the judge, and offensive gestures and swearing to the rivals and referees.- But you perfectly know that the Mat has become almost the official language of Russian football - players, with the help of talking and not fighting. Then everyone need to disqualify.- Anyway, this scandal was not. About battlefield officially stated in the report of the inspector, in the match report. No extenuating circumstances in this situation, I find. As for provocations on the part of a trainer's staff "Zenith", the evidence on this point.- The FTC decision final?- Yes, and not subject to appeal.The decision of the Bureau CDC RFU did not influence the letter of Sergey Ovchinnikova, received at his address in Italian at the "Federico Secondo", where now lives the Russian national team. Here it is:"Realizing the condemnable his act, I want to apologize to the referees, the football club "Zenit" fans and professionals. I beg you not to punish, but to understand what happened to me. I was in a state of nervous tension (the last month has been very difficult for our team), played with a leg injury and therefore could not cope with the nerves. Not seen by the referee and are not punished for minor infringements of rules that Zenit have stopped our attacks (the tactics of petty fouls), affected me. I think PEOPLE FOOTBALL you would understand me. A moment with coach of FC "Zenit" was provoked by the coach of his reply to my address. And I even thought of was to have a physical impact on the linesman.I ask you to give me any material sanctions, but not to interfere with play football!With respect to VANADIS"that his request had no effect and that the FTC decided to disqualify him, learned from the special correspondent "SE".- Sorry, that sentence turned out to be so categorical, " said the goalkeeper. - Guilty with myself, of course, do not shoot, although I think the incident could be treated with understanding. It's a shame that he failed the club, coaches and partners. The only hope now is that you can appeal, which will at least mitigate the punishment.Your comment gave, and the head of the team "the locomotive" Vladimir Korotkov, invited to the meeting: "We - the whole club, the whole team - I'm sorry about this incident. Alas, the members of the FTC has not taken into account our request, in a letter to the Ovchinnikova. Did not realize that we are talking about the player of the national team, did not consider provocative moments - in particular, the judging was carried out very competently against us. This, of course, caused an uproar not only Sergei, but also from other players. One managed to hold back the anger, others do not. There was a provocation on the part of football players "Zenith" and their coach, which led to the continuation of the incident.Ovchinnikov will be back on the field only in the 8th round - after the match with CSKA. Everyone understands that it means this game is for us and for the army, and for the whole championship. Platon Zakharchuk always ready to replace Ovchinnikova, he has high qualifications. But we must not forget: Sergey - not just our main goalkeeper. He's also a leader. Its loss is irreparable. Unfortunately, Ovchinnikov was not possible to apologize immediately after the match. But on Monday, he did it in his letter.In the wording of the decision of the FTC mentioned swearing and attempt physical effects on the judging panel. But no attempt was not. Don't know why you haven't viewed the video recording of the episode, which I provided. It clearly shows that Ovchinnikov was a few meters to the side judge. At that moment he was stopped by the player of "Zenith". And side referee wrote in his report that Ovchinnikov pushed him in the chest. By the way, when I after the match in the locker room asked the chief judge whether he has seen a push, Egorov answered in the negative.As for swearing, try to record what is said on the field. All 22 players with each other and with the judges talking obscenities. And remember how last year drove the linesman at the stadium "Dynamo" CSKA players. And punished nobody, even the inspector that match not mentioned in this case report.In turn, Lokomotiv President Valeri Filatov said: "of Course, I wish the FTC verdict was softer. But we are not going to challenge it. Especially because Ovchinnikov their guilt does not deny.The head coach of CSKA and Russian national team Valery Gazzayev, having learned about the decision of the FTC, said:- still five games to be punished...

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