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Alan Kusov: For CSKA said no Spartacus

Alan Kusov: For CSKA said no SpartacusSo far the only rookie to sign a contract with CSKA, is a player of "Spartak-Alania" and the youth national team of Russia Alan Kusov. And the President took over in the dugout Mikhail Shatalov in an interview with "SE" insisted that the midfielder until the end of 2003 a contract with the club.- Last year I signed a new agreement for a period of one season, " said, in turn, Kusov. - So no obstacles to my transition to the army club could not be. The new leadership of "Alania", apparently, do not understand the situation.- Have you had a conversation with the new coach took over in the dugout Revaz dzodzuashvili?- I never got the chance. When was on vacation in the resort of Zheleznovodsk, I received an invitation from CSKA. Spoke with or, and Giner. Then he returned to his hometown, met with Shatalov. I play football not for the money, they occupy the first place, but still free to go on the field it would be kind of weird. And then I three days was asked to sign a blank sheet of paper, speech on the conditions for some reason did not come. Had to give. Although the "Alania" has a special place in my heart - still the team from his home town, where I graduated football school "Spartak".- One of your brothers, Jr., it seems, was going to follow in your footsteps. What are its successes?- Brother was born in 1986 and at the end of the season he began to draw for the matches for the reserve team of "Alania". But now the situation with the strange doubles. It is unclear what the team will participate in the tournament.- Not afraid that CSKA will be on the bench?- No, although all can be. But once you ought to try themselves at the highest level.- According to our information, you also claimed "Spartak". Why prefer CSKA?- Primarily because CSKA is headed by Gazzaev. At the time that he invited me into the main reserve-team "Alania". However, I missed six months because of health problems and the rest of the season spent on loan in Irestone". When I returned, Valery Georgievich has already adopted the "Dynamo". But our ways have dispersed. Gazzaev invited me to the youth team. The other reason is that CSKA have a lot of friends: the], with whom I trained in the same group Vladikavkaz school, in another school - "Youth" - were engaged in our age Gogniev, juniors familiar with the brothers Berezutskiy, Evsikov, Tlisova... So in the gold match was rooting for CSKA. Well, the last argument: this club now looks more solid than "Spartak".- It is felt that you say with difficulty. Have a cold?- No, I had surgery on the nasal septum. Slightly impeded breathing, besides recently beginning to ache. Had to break. But to the first harvest in Zheleznovodsk everything should be fine.Konstantin ALEKSEEV.

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