Wisdom Pereira

Wisdom PereiraIf you just joined the ranks of the European referees and are looking for valuable advice, there is nothing better than to see someone who has "been there, honey-beer drinking".Recently on the island of Corfu was held an orientation seminar for those who recently received a judges license. The young arbitrators was made by Vitor Melo Pereira, the Portuguese referee, this summer retired. Pereira concluded his remarkable career with the final UEFA Cup match between Feyenoord and Borussia Dortmund, and maintenance of the world Cup games in Korea and Japan. An experienced judge told his young colleagues how to prepare for the execution of their duties.Now Pereira uses the experience gained over the years, for the benefit of European football. He recently became a member of the Committee of UEFA refereeing. From his mouth the young arbitrators heard that any match should be treated equally professionally - whether it's a match of youth teams or key meeting of the Champions League. "All matches are equally important and they all deserve equal attention, concentration and respect for both teams," - said the Portuguese.In his speech, the Portuguese referee stressed the importance of joint work of the officiating team from the start of the match until the final whistle. From the first second match referee, his assistants on the line and a substitute judge should maintain on the field healthy environment. "Coming to the matches, dress so that everyone is clear that you too are a team", says Pereira.Before the game the referees need to spend some time together, talk with each other. It should even resort to motivational techniques - for example, to remind a colleague about the extract successfully match. This helps to gain confidence. "It is very important to become a unified team. And try to discuss the game in a relaxed environment," continued Pereira. The Portuguese called on referees to keep calm on the pitch, especially in the episodes that occurred in the penalty area. Such moments Pereira described as the "most difficult part" of judicial work.The referee should always remember the constant threat of simulations by players who wish to profit from it. Pereira stressed that the relations between all four judges on the match should be based on trust and mutual respect. "To achieve the greatest good refereeing, referees must constantly communicate and interact with each other", - said the Portuguese referee."Match referee must take into account the inconvenience of experiencing his assistants. Line judges have to face protests coaches and spare, make changes, besides all this happens under the incessant noise from the stands. The assistants, in turn, must always be ready to help the main referee. For example, when a certain episode went unnoticed, or when it is necessary to determine the player who violated the rules."This attitude, according to Pereira, will help the referee to do their job at the highest level. "Self-confidence, motivation and clarity of thought are the ingredients of success," says Pereira. All arbitrators must be calm, to be focused and be consistent in its decisions regarding the players and coaches. "Use his personal influence teaches Pereira. - And do not use abusive language or rude gestures".At the end of Pereira concluded that the referee work resembles the work of a businessman or Manager. "Planning, teamwork, foresight, and organization combine to give a positive result, sums under said hell Pereira. - Same thing with judges. All these things will help you in your career, if you will remember them".Mark Chaplin.

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